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To Travel or Not To tRAVEL that is the question

I have an opportunity to go to China on a guided tour next May. I have traveked in the past all throughout Europe, the Carribbean,down the Amazon, throughout Mexico Tahiti etc. I am ambulatory without a cane for the most part but do have occasional freezing and "tumbles".. I don't want to lay down without a fight. What say you?

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Enjoy your Traveling.


Travel, travel!!! If I think twice I won't go. Im off to London for a fun weekend soon, and then to Florida (ALONE) to meet my new grandchild.

I tell everyone I am A Parky, then if I fall over or walk like a drunk they understand. How do you say I have Parkinson's in Chinese?


I agree, go, enjoy yourself. You'll only regret it if you don't. Good travel insurance will bail you out if there's a problem.


I agree with Threads, travel!

Don't let the PD dictate what you can do.

I have just returned from six weeks in New Zealand and managed fine with 'airport assistance'. I was a bit reluctant initially as I'm very independant but wasn't sure of my PD / medication with all the time changes. But it was a Godsend. They meet you at the aircraft door, transport by wheelchair to where you want to go, fantastic!

Have a great trip!


Go and enjoy...let us know what great time you had. ~~~~Dennis


GO FOR IT!! I wish I could.

God bless.


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