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An analogy for ketogenic diet. If you have a car that runs on gasoline (Keytones) and you add diesel fuel (glucose) on a regular basis with your gasoline your car will run but your performance will be diminished eventually clogging up your engine to the point it will not be able to perform enough to move the vehicle but will run at an idle with a great deal of smoke. Flush the gas tank, put in the proper fuel and after awhile the engine will clean up and run fine again.


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  • Sounds rather constipating to me

  • Just the opposite. Since Kdiet I am as regular as a clock and oh so easy!

  • Or diabetes good anology though x

  • Kdiet is extremely good for diabetes.

  • very similar to a smoker's respiratory system (mine included)

  • I guess we would have to put you in the Bus category but I do miss having a good smoke now and then. Stopped when PD showed up.

  • i buy a pack a week, and seem to be naturally cutting down, as I am getting about 2 or3 packs left at the end of the week. this week is buy 2, get one free, and next week might be bogoff

  • Keep it up-training the mind is a hard thing to do.

  • Congratulations. To any and all that beat the habit, not an easy project but has life long benefits.

    Pollyanna 007

  • Amen

  • Navyrat, Please can you give us an idea of what the diet is like? What foods will we stop eating and what will we eat more of instead?

  • As I have stated, there are many forms of Kdiet depending on what you want to accomplish. Each one uses different foods to accomplish different heath goals. This is not a one fits all treatment. For example; I have not had anything with any form of sugar(glucose) in it including natural sugars from fruit, starchy vegetables, etc. Glucose feeds cancer, keytones starve cancer. I eat all the seafood, turkey, chicken,

    prime rib, pork, homemade sauage, eggs, and tons of the good vegetables. Here is something you can try that is easy. Tomorrow, for breakfast, have a salad with your normal breakfast and tell me how it makes you feel. Enjoy!

  • what meds are you on? all that protein would interfere with sinemet absorption.

    Is this a short term cleanse (6 weeks or so) or a lifetime change?


  • Requip and sinemet. I stopped the Requip two weeks into the Kdiet and RLS and cramping are back but are starting to abate. Tremors and balance are worse due to high protein as you said but I will live with that for a while longer. I will be having another MRI of my kidney within the next month which will tell if tumor is shrinking like my lungs showed in a recent catscan of them so I know for sure it is the Kdiet killing off the cancer and my VA Docs agree. Once the cancer is taken care of then I will modify the Kdiet for maximum PD benefit with a lower protein input. I will then stop sinemet and try Mucana Pruriens and see how it goes. I want to self appraise my PD without Pharma and go from their. I see no reason to stop the Kdiet but at that point it will include more things as time goes and should end up with the Adkins diet which is a modified Kdiet. I am really starting to get the benefits of the metabolic change over and I feel great over all but more than anything it has excited me and empowered me to pursue this as it is in my control, not pharma.

  • yes, keep us posted. we need to be sophisticated pwp's! can you exercise at all while going through all this? best of luck

  • Hello Navyrat,

    Yet another stimulating thread from you. Thank you. Elsewhere you have mentioned that your intake of protein has necessarily increased a part of the Ketogenic diet. As we know, this can interfere with the absorption of our PD medications, so it is vital that we do not eat any protein within half an hour or no sooner than two hours of taking our PD medication(s). Leaving a longer space between would be even better. May I ask Navyrat, how much carbohydrate are you allowed on this Kdiet? As we know, carbohydrates convert into the equivalent of sugar within the body, which can not be good for us and particularly those with Diabetes2 as well.

    Keep posting.


  • Your good spirits and enthusiasm are appreciated!

    It should be noted that this blog is a sequel to the Blog: "Ketogenic Diet Information" Posted by navyrat 19 June and which includes the caution:

    " I have full support from my VA Primary, Neurologist, and Nutritionist. There is one warning to this diet. DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT THE HELP OF YOUR DOCTORS AND NUTRITIONISTS. If you study the Kdiet you will see this stated in all articles and it is said for a reason. Switching from glucose to ketones to feed your body (and starve the cancer to death) is a major change to your body and needs monitoring by medical doctors. "

    Repetition is boring, but sometimes worthwhile.

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