Parkinson's Movement

Just Stop and Listen

I'm tired of life

It's so damned hard.

It wears me down,

It wipes me out.

Trying to be

upbeat and happy,

while dealing with

the demons of illness

that invade my body

is all consuming.

Those people around me

who expect me

to smile

and be STRONG,

simply can't

and won't

deal with what

my life

is truly like.

Listen to me.

Just stop and listen.

I do not really want

to go out to lunch.

Crowds terrify me,

people are rude,

and food is just

not all that appealing.

Oh! No! Please

don't start the

Pep talk!

"How good I look",

or "How lucky I am"

or have I heard

about so and sos


Mom/Aunt, Stage 4


blah, blah, blah!

I don't look good.

How can I,

I never sleep.

I don't feel lucky,

or blessed, or special,

I just feel sick!

And as much as I

sympathise with so and sos

sick relative, I really

don't want to hear

about another illness

killing someone.

Death is death,

no matter who it is.

It is not a good topic

of conversation.

Just listen.

Just stop and listen.

Do not buy me

any more gifts.

Please no more

good luck charms,

or health beads,

or book on surviving

terrible, illnesses.

My shelves are full.

Why not come and

do my laundry,

make my bed,

mop the floors,

or plant some flowers.

Just don't cook me

another seaweed lasagna

or some special

health drink made from

some magical fruit

from the rain forest

in the Amazon.

I don't want it!

Bring me a bag

of chocolate peanut

butter cups instead!

Just listen!

Just stop and listen.

Do not keep telling

my boyfriend,

"how lucky he is to have me".

Really? Lucky?

I'm just glad

he's still around.

He would have been

lucky had he met me

10 years ago.

Now, he just gets

a small piece of

the me I use to be.


The reality is

I speak to the

Dr's receptionist

and nurses more

during the month

than I do my

own family!

Hell! They are family!

Reality is

when I walk into

the pharmacy it's like

walking into the bar


everybody knows my name.

Reality is,

a bad hair day, or

a slight weight gain

are no big deal.

Blood pressure and

kidney function are

more a priority

these days.


Just stop and listen.

If today

you find me

grouchy, depressed,

tearful and rude,

don't take it


Just take a rain check

and come back again

some other day.

Listen to me.

Just stop and listen.

16 Replies

Thanks for posting this...It was lovely to read it :-)

Hope u ok

Andy xx


So far, today has started out good, hope the rest of the day follows its lead!



I Stopped and listened.

Got an earful.

My eyeballs glistened

as I got tearful.

What saves you is

that active fraction

that PD left you

still in action.

CHECK OUT THE video poem by Gary T.


I just don't know where you get your inspiration from. There is such a lot of what you say that I can really relate to. Thanks for putting such a lot of my thoughts into words.


If only I could express myself as you do. Thanks for sharing!


Your words are so very insightful we can all identify with something you write. I wonder how many of us actually don't ask people or tell them what we really want. It's time we did!



I'll never understand why we have to give up our time and energy to listen to T.V. programs we need to watch, a new pill that improve our diseases, new books , new vitamins and a promised new outlook on life.

Hopefully if they are true friends or relatives they will understand and ahow up at my door with a new pair of shoes and a bag of peanut butter M&M's!!



Yes, JAne, I've heard the same lecture about probiotics, massage, acupuncture, and how I look good (so I must be faking?) Bring me a good book, some flowers, and chocolate! Thanks for sounding off. i can identify, sisters!




I stopped and listened and it is with moist eyes and a heavy heart that I continue on. an old Irish saying (I think all Irish sayings are old) May life's journey greet you with a warn sunshine on you face and a gentle breeze on your back and you be in heaven 30 minutes before the devil knows you died and St Peter be handing out chocolates at the pearly gates


I hope their peanut butter chocolate! Oh1 I guess I shouldn't make demands on Old St. Pete!

Thanks for the well wishes and for listening!


Why Not and chocolate Bon Bons also


I can't tell you how many times I have asked his friends to just call and talk to him. They don't need to come visit just call and engage him in small talk. He gets lonely and going out isn't always easy. It's like they are afraid they are going to "catch" something. A little bit of their time makes his life so much more enjoyable. Thanks for the poem.


I'm glad you liked it! Try sending the poem to his friends, it might help. :)


I think I will.


Great poem, expresses many feelings and really hits home.....


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