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Younger Person's Support Group in Carlisle

Hi everyone , I am still trying to start up a "younger person's" support group in Carlisle. It's been hard going but we won't give up . We've had as many as 10 and as few as 2 people turning up - we are supported by Parkinson's UK and would really like it to be a success !!

Anyone is welcome to join us every other Sunday at 4pm (next meet up this Sunday 23/6) at the Turf Tavern , Carlisle. We basically meet up for a chat and a pint (or soft drink) and then go home - simple as that. No committee , no chairperson , etc just meet and talk - where are all the "younger" PD sufferers ? I'll be there as always


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Don't give up, they're out there, just a bit wary. Word will get round though.

Have you asked the Parkinson's UK and Branch and Volunteer support officers and PD nurses to help publicise the group? They were and still are very effective messengers here in Cornwall.


Yes indeed , the PD Nurse has got my details to pass on and the BVSO and the Information and Support Worker - just a waiting game I guess.

We're also starting an exercise class shortly ..........details to follow

Will keep you updated

Wish me luck


Well done. My only other suggestion is to approach whoever writes the local Branch's newsletter and ask them to publicise it.

We have been going 3yrs now and I have been pleased by how many people are enjoying being part of our YOPs group. Keep up the good work, it'll pay dividends for others and for you.


social media? that's where younger people communicate


Good idea.


I've put notices on here , PD Junction (Facebook) and Parkinson's UK Forum

My PD Nurse is giving my detaills to people she knows of similar age (if the want them) and the Parkinsons Area Support worker has written to the people he knows.

I know it comes as a bit of a shock (at first) but once you've got over the diagnosis you can do one of two things - Fight or Give prizes for guessing which choice i made. I feel it is really important to give people the support they need but sometimes all you need is someone you can relate to and just have aa good chatter ??

Anyway - there were 6 of us yesterday - next one is 2 weeks time - July 7th

See you there (PS we're in Carlisle , Cumbria )


great topic!


I really think not enough is done to publicise how PD doesn't only affect older people. A good example - I had to retire as a firefighter - I went along with someone who gives PD Awareness training to the Firefighters Charity Rehab centre near Penrith - they said I was the first firefighter they knew who'd had to retire due to PD !! I really don't believe it , unless I really am the only one - or should I start up a retired firefighters group ?

Getting back to the point - for years , in Cumbria , there has been no real provision for "young" people with Parkinson's . I think the time has come to change this...............but where are they all hiding ?


If you start it they will come . !!


I hope so :-)

Although there are a couple of us who have become friends and will meet up anyway now !!



I was involved setting up a group recently. Have you started your own facebook page? If you are happy to be part of PUK they will put your group and contact info on their main site and you can link your facebook page. Also get all your friends and contacts to 'like' your page helps to raise your profile. PM me if you want more info.


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