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Guidelines for posting revisited

To keep our HealthUnlocked site helpful, supportive, informative and respectful please do not:

Post content or send private messages that are malicious, aggressive or rude

Use content to promote products or services in which you have a financial interest

Use content to proselytize or exhort members to believe a certain way.

Any content like this may be removed.

We would ask that you be careful about religious postings and be aware of any underlying assumptions you are making that could cause offence. Whilst discussions that include the faith dimension of living with a long term condition may be appropriate this is not a religious forum.

To quote from the parent site "Parkinson's Movement is a research-focussed, patient-driven platform for information and canvassing within the Parkinson’s community......”

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Assume this comment refers in part to my recent question. I am sorry if this caused any offence, that certainly was not the intention. It was a genuine question that I was interested in.

I absolutely understand that this site is not a religious forum and it was never meant as a question on religion, as such, just wondered if it helped people to cope.

I will not post any questions of a religious nature in the future and can only apologise again for any offence caused.


I wasn't offended at all. I appreciated the question and the feedback.



This is a general reminder and not specific to your thread.


I appreciate that this was a general reminder, but I will not post any questions of a religious nature in future.

It is good to know that no comments have shown to be offended by my question as this was never my intention.

Thanks to everyone for their comments and especially maryalice.


Court ~ I was not in any way offended by your comments. In fact, it gave me pause to think about how I really feel about PD, Who (if anyone) to blame and how I handle myself as a representative of this group of people we affectionately call ourselves - Parkies. If you did nothing else, you opened our eyes as to our behavior towards the general population and how they see US. JennR


Thanx 2 all for being so kind in welcoming me

Helps to make things a bit brighter each day. .........-"Daddy"


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