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Is weight gain a Side effect of Madopar?

I was diagnosed with PD 8 years ago and was taking most recently Stalevo & Sifrol to control it thinking at the time Sifrol was doing me more harm than good. Last August I had DBS but still wound up on Sifrol And Sinemet. After a few months it was finally decided that I should wean myself off sifrol from 3 tabs a day to 3x1/2tabs a day finally down to 1/2 a tab a day. I couldnt believe that it was only when I stopped the last 1/2 tab that the side effects went away.

Madopar replaced the sifrol. Once off Sifrol I Iost 6Kg. I am now in the process of going off madopar and am again losing weight has anybody out there experienced similar loss going off Madopar?

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nope as i am still on madopar ! and cannot shift the extra weight ,,,,


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