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My local radio station is holding a Desert Island Discs programme

I thought it may be fun to hear what songs, or singers are special to people. If you want to share why they are special, then that's fine, if not don't.

The little black dog has been sitting on my shoulder today, don't know why and I thought something like this may lighten my mood and hopefully the mood of anyone else in need of cheering up.

Looking forward to getting a wide variety of music tastes. How disappointing if I don't get any replies!!

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I like Bill & Gloria Gathier, Kenneth Copeland and Oldies (50's-60's)


somewhere over the rainbow by eva cassidy


It has to be Bobby Darren Mack the Knife ( No1)


The Who My Generation

The jam The modern world

Wilson Pickett in the midnight hour

Eddie Floyd Knock on Wood

The Troggs Louie Louie

The Detroit Spinners its a shame

just a few



Thanks for the opportunity, Court. As DID usually has 10 choices, here goes:

Billy May - Fat Man Boogie - Big Band music with a sense of humour

Stan Kenton - Peanut Vendor - My early favourite, 60 years ago and still great

Billie Holliday - Fine & Mellow - The essence of great Jazz

June Christy - Something Cool - I was in love with June's husky voice

Four Freshmen - Day by Day - reminds me of my courting days

Dave Brubeck 4 - Le Souk- made me jump out of my chair at first hearing.

Count Basie - Splanky - could have been anything by this swinging band

Pink Floyd - Money - I came late to the Floyd, but love them

Beatles - Get Back - Almost anything by the Fab Four

Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way - Another band I came late to

Not at all certain that there aren't other songs/tunes that I like just as much or better but it will do for a start.


My tastes are varied, I like stuff like AC/DC.....Bon Jovi.....Nickelback..... 80`s ( I like music by my hometown bands Human League, ABC and Heaven 17 )...90`s..current stuff like Rihanna, Lady Ga Ga, David Guetta, Usher, Jason Derulo, Taio Cruise etc be honest anything that gets my air guitar out and my feet tapping is good for me.

Andy xx


What about your choice, Court? You can't get away from answering your own question!!


No, I realise I had not answered my own question and this is because I keep changing my mind. However, here goes

Billy Joel - Uptown Girl, all versions of Time to say Goodbye. Sweet Caroline as it is my daughter's name - probably by Andy Williams. I also like Il Divo, have no particular favourite. I was a great Gene Pitney fan in my younger days, so must include him.

Also like Nessum Dorma, Pavorotti's version. Any music from Les Miserables.

Will update when inspired further. Thought this question would be more popular.



Anything by the cast of Glee and the originals of most of what they do.

Sunday afternoons I listen to Jonathan Schwartz in WNYC (you can get online if you're not in the US) who plays all great singers from Sinatra to Suzanne Vega.

Salsa and dance music.

Jazz especially Thelonious Monk and Charlie Parker and current generation like Samir Zarif.

Love music. Wish I was in a chorus.


Oh right, you also asked WHY? Great music either gets my toe tapping, raises goose bumps or brings tears to my eyes. I guess it's cathartic that way.


Shaking all over by Johnny Kydd and the pirates. MY favorite local band play it for me every time I see them play. Great guitar intro


Beatles, John Martyn, The Roches, Bruce Cockburn, Youssou N'Dour, Elvis Costello, B-52s, Clash, U2, Yoko Ono, John Mayer, Sade, Adele, Zoot Sims, Oscar Peterson, Ben Webster, Dexter Gordon, Miles Davis...


I like Michael W. Smith.


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