Was wondering whether anyone had a problem with feet?

I have started to experience a problem with my right foot which is the side my tremor is on.

At times the area around my toes seems to be losing feeling, yet if I touch it I can still feel that. It is really weird and wonder if it is another symptom of either my Parkinsons or my meds.

Have recently had a diabetes check on my feet and this was ok. When my feet are cold they change colour so perhaps it is my circulation. Who knows. What next?

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  • I have a problem with Dystonia of my left foot (my parky side), but I am also experiencing a n occasional burning pain across the top of my other foot. My doc thinks its the way I am walking, but sometimes I wake up with this pain

  • I love to wear sandals and flip flops and have noticed recently that it is difficult to keep the shoes on my feet. I am loosing the ability to grip the sandal as you lift your foot to walk so they either fall off or I trip on them. It is very disturbing ti think I may not be allowed to wear my sandals. Maybe I'll just shuffle along.

    I also have cramping toes, painful feet and ankles. My toes and the tops of my feet often go numb and I have to rub them to get the feeling back. I used to have great looking legs and feet and now...ugh!


  • My feet bother me. I have what you call drop foot. It causes me to trip and

    walk funny. I can't wear shoes without back because they come off my feet.and I trip. Pain in the metacarpals and ankles is a once in a while. It depends if I'm standing in place, like doing dishes, or walking.

  • That was the first symptom I noticed about year before I was diagnosed, that I couldn´t keep flip flops on my left foot. Then I just stopped for a while thinking what was it about. I managed to exercise my foot to keep the shoe on my foot for that summer. After that the same foot has gone worse and worse. Now there is a bunion there.

    I advise you to go in time to a foottherapist to get insoles and silicons to avoid your toes to go on false position. My back has gone inclinated because I haven´t been able to walk right with the aching foot and my leg has gone in wrong position, too. So the foot affects to whole body. Be on time, and don´t let it happen to you.

  • Thank you for your advice. I will certainly do as you suggest.

  • HI, my toes are numb, yet they can hurt, does that make sense?? Because of the numbness I wear the magnet bracelets and it really helps my balance. I have mentioned my toes for years to doctors and no one has said anything at all. So now I just live with it and don't mention it anymore. It used to be worse, I could tell when I needed my meds as my big toe on my left side, (my PD side) would stand straight up and hurt like crazy. then all of a sudden it just stopped doing that. Did it for about 8 years.........go figure??????

  • This sounds very similar to what I am experiencing. My toes feel numb but still hurt. Recently had a foot check and was told all ok but still toes fell strange.

    Could you tell me a bit about magnetic bracelets, please as I am also starting to get problems with my balance. And so it goes ..........


  • Hi Sue,

    I started wearing the magnetic bracelets about 9 months ago. I wear a few on each arm. some have to be worn on the opposite arm that your watch is on, otherwise it will kill your watch.

    something about the iron in our blood keeps it flowing better, and I really do not know what or how it helps our balence....?? I took them off one night because I was going somewhere the next day and went to sleep , woke upe and had to go poty, I almost feel over so I realized that it was helping me. you can get them on ebay. they are not expensive so give it a try..........and keep me posted.


  • Thanks. I will go onto e-bay and see what I can find. It is certainly worth giving them a go. I will keep you posted.

    That is why this site is so popular, someone always answers questions and often with a possible solution.

  • where do you live?? if you can't find them let me know and I can send a few to you !!!

  • Thanks. I will bear this in mind. Have not looked on e-bay yet. Hope to do so later.

  • Itry and curl my toes and twiddle my ankles round every morning. If i lift my right leg ..my weak side..the ankle is totally rigid and refuses to move. Does anyone have that? I havent started any meds yet..also get cramps in foot and leg and pain on rhs top of foot near ankle. Have bunion as well.

  • Foot numbness is a HUGE problem. But remembering my parents as they reached my age, and many of my pals, they also have bunions, hammer toe, arthritis n their feet. When Mr.Parkinson decides to rear his ugly head and shorten my "on" time, then I am really in trouble. I guess I inherited bad feet and my nemesis "Mr Parkinson" capitalizes on that and gives me feet at the end of my legs that act like rump roasts.

  • No numbness, but all the other problems described. When I was on Requip/Mirapex, my feet were purple! Ugh. I'm sending away for Orthotics.

  • I have numbness in both my big toes and my feet hurt after being on them for several hours where I used to be able to stand all day and no pain.

  • I am sorry to hear eveybody problems with their feet, but makes me realize that I am not


  • I have had cramps in my feet for years. They turn side ways. so i walk on the

    out side of my foot.

  • I asked my physical therapist about the burning, numbness and pain when I have been on my feet for a long time. She said that it was probably neuropathy.

    It sure affects my mobillity at times. Good shoes and getting off my feet at regular intervals seems to help.

  • Yes! Was one of my first symptoms too - though I didn't put two and two together. I too have trouble with flip flops and sandals keeping the left one on. I also wear a magnetic bracelet on my left (parky) side. My husband bought it for me and I was quite negative about it - but honestly it has eased the cramps in my left rm tremendously. I have heard they do magnetic insoles too and am seriously consideing getting some. xxx

  • I wear the bracelet's and the insoles. I reverse them as the magnets bother my feet (the bumps) so it works by turning them over and putting them in the oppisite shoe. AND............... I have a magnetic pad I put under the sheet. I have NOT noticed a difference with t hat, expensive and not sure I like it. But the bracelets and insoles YES!!!

  • I will look for bracelets and insoles but not the magnetic bed pad.

    Thanks for all your help. Will let you know how I get on and if I have any problems on e-bay.

  • Blinded by science on e-bay. Wondered what material bracelets made of. There are a number of different types shown and I am not sure which to go for.

    Grateful for your help


  • YES, YES, YES...before I was diagnosed my sister-in-law told me about her friend's husband who had PD. He had pairs of shoes all over the house because he needed to keep changing them to get some degree of comfort. I am just the same. My PD is left side only at present but both my feet are 'problems', exhibiting many of the symptoms discussed previously. From talking to other PwPs I gather that this is really common.

  • I keep putting a foot in my mouth.

  • Join the club!!

  • Yes. My right side is my tremor side. It is also the side that produces the horrible dystonia episodes. My toes spread wide open or curl under my foot. It is very painful. I need to lay down on the floor and ask my husband to rub my foot. I take my meds and wait for them to start. THE episodes usually last about 4 or 5 mins. THe muscles are so tight that my husband has to use all of his strength when he rubs the cramping out. It reminds me of a CHARLIE HORSE you get at night.


  • My husband has sensory neuropathy in both feet. His podiatrist suggested a high quality B vitamin supplement so he started on Shaklee B Complex. Since then the feeking has started to return. It is not normal but much better than before. His circulation in his feet seems better also.

  • I have the numbness in both feet as well as bunions, hammer toes, shoes everywhere as I can't find anything comfortable more than an hr or 2. I frequently feel like my feet are rolling when standing still. The foot cramps--mostly in left foot---toes curl under foot--and the pain an take you to your knees---had none of these issues prior to PD.

  • I have problem with my toes exactly as you describe. I have been wondering if a foot spa might help. Has anyone tied one? The dystonia and hammering cause callouses on the tips of my toes distorting the nails and making walking painful. My toes feel fat but do not seem to be swollen. Oh the joys!

  • I, too, have toes that tingle, feel like they swallowed an Alkaselzer or are asleep. Also have what I have been told is Reynaud's Disease, my arms and hands turn purplish-blue in the cold.

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