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I have been on a Ketogenic Diet for three weeks now. First let me dis-spell the word diet as it is not some fad diet. In its purest sense it is a metabolic change from glucose feeding your body to keytones feeding your body. Think of it has eating the hunter-gatherer food verses the western sugar/chemical diet we all enjoy so much. If you do not have a strong

will power when it comes to food then then the Kdiet is not for you. It is all or nothing because either your body is in a Ketogenic state or it isn't. You can't cheat at all as it will take you out of Ketosis and back on glucose feeding. The benefits of Ketosis are real and profound. I studied the Kdiet for two months, with the great help of our member Norton, who is a great guiding light and resource for information. There is an astounding amount of information on the internet from Duke University to the NIH. I have PD and cancer. When I was DX with renal cell carcinoma two years ago I began the research phase of my life. Six months ago I was informed it had moved into my lungs. Fortunately RCC is a slow growing form of cancer. It was then that I knew I had to try something other than toxic standard medical treatment. The Kdiet is what I opted for and thank God I did. I am a disabled Vet from the Vietnam era and was heavily exposed to Agent Orange which has brought on my medical issues including PTSD and Depression. I opted for the Elain Cantin form of Kdiet. Her respected diet is geared towards Cancer and Diabetes. Her book is very informative and a great read. It is not the best Kdiet for PD as it is high in protein. My first catscan of my lungs has shown a great reduction in cancer and I am able to go from a three month catscan schedule to a one year schedule. Next month I have my 6 month MRI of my kidney and that should tell if the Kdiet has helped there also. I know it has because I can feel the tumor shrinking due to the pulling sensation I have so my fingers are crossed but I am confident it is working. Once my cancer is abated I will amend my Kdiet to address PD. I have full support from my VA Primary, Neurologist, and Nutritionist. There is one warning to this diet. DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT THE HELPOF YOUR DOCTORS AND NUTRITIONISTS. If you study the Kdiet you will see this stated in all articles and it is said for a reason. Switching from glucose to key tones to feed your body (and starve the cancer to death) is a major change to your body and needs monitoring by medical doctors. I could go on for many pages but will end here in hopes of getting a lively discussion going and will add more info as requested.

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Thank you Navyrat for your courage in pursuing a different path, rather than the conventional one, in the treatment of the cancer challenge you are now facing and reporting it here. There is beginning to be a new change of thought in respect of the cause of cancer. One or two prominent researchers now believe it does not always have a genetic connection, but is rather a metabolic condition. The path you have taken clearly addresses the latter cause.

Your advice to anyone taking the same course as you, to be overseen by a medical specialist is good, but by following a Ketogenic diet it is you who is taking responsibility for your own health rather than putting yourself entirely in the hands of the medical profession.

Thank you for sharing this phase of your life with us on this website. I'm sure I speak for all of us in wishing you the best outcome.

Highest regards


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Thank you Norton for your ongoing support. There has been a lot of interest in coconut oil which is a key part of the metabolic treatment (Ketogenic). Why is that. Coconut oil has the unique ability to cross the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB) much the same as Carbidopa. I consume 6-8 tablespoons per day as part of my metabolic treatment. I also eat raw coconut as a snack and my dachshund loves it as well. He eats what I eat so he is on a metabolic diet by default and his health and vigor is amazing which gives me high hopes. I am addressing the medical problem and not simply addressing the symptoms of health issues. We all can do this if we grab the brass ring and above all is something that we, as individuals, can control without

profit motivated pharma.

I value your friendship,


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I agree with you on kdiet. Regards.


I am following. Gudrun jonnsons diet for digestion which she thinks is the key cause to all illnesses. Basically trying to alkaliise my sugar,glutens,dairy...cactus fibre, nopal, zinc sulphate and magnesium. Non sugary pomegranate or red fruit juice. Olive oil and lemon juicedrink in the mornings. Bouncing body at least once an hour to keep cellular level going. Im giving it a few months to observe. Atleast im able to go to. The toilet every daynow!

Thanks for your info..i think glucose is the main problem. good for you and you are getting there slowly but surely. Keep at it, bonne chance!


The diet you are on is a modified Keto Diet. The Keto diet can and is altered easily to treat different health issues which is why is gaining respect. Elain Cantin's form of Kdiet also includes body ph which you are addressing in your diet and is very important to good health. I will modify my Kdiet to address PD once I have cancer issue taken care. I have already dropped Requip PD med with the approval of Neurologist and will be getting off of Ldopa and Using Mucana Pruriens with the support of Neuorologist as time goes on. Our health is in our hands. All we have to do is reach out and take hold. You grabbed it and I wish you all that you deserve which is better health. Don't get disappointed as there are ups and downs to everything in life. Stay with it !!!


Hi. Will you please tell me what brand of Mucuna pruriens you will be getting? Or, better, where to get the whole seeds? I've been looking for this information for ages! Thank you.


Emily Mucuna pruriens of good quality are available in India, they are also quite cheap here. i can send you some bottles, if found effective, you may send me some good books to read. I am also pwp. My mail add. Regards


Hi navyrat

Not trying to jump the gun, but can you please give us a fair idea of foods not allowed on this diet?



Hi JohnPepper

There are many forms of metabolic diet depending on what your goal is. There is one thing that is common to all forms is that you are changing your matabolism from glucose to key tones. I am sure most people have no idea what the hell I am talking about. Cancer can only survive by feeding on glucose and will die if only key tones are available for survival. How does it help PD. Keytones nourish the brain and can move through the Brain Blood Barrier where glucose does not, for the most part.

Being on the western diet is in all reality denying our brain of what is needed to replenish it and keep it in good health. The Keto Diet was first developed in the 1920's to treat neurological epilepsy in children at John Hopkins. it was used as the only treatment until pharma came up with their pills. The Kdiet is still prescribed by many Doctors for epilepsy in children who cannot tolerate pills. With further medical research the realization that a metabolic treatment helps all forms of neuro-degenerative diseases has rekindled the Kdiet. The Atkins diet is a modified Kdiet.

From here I can tell you that to achieve a metabolic change from feeding our bodies glucose to feeding our bodies with keytones is done by eliminating all sugars, starches that convert into sugars. This is why the Kdiet is so effect on healthy weight loss and especially curing diabetes. Why is not recommended more? The average

person does not want to give their western diet with all its great tasting foods. Our body was not create to live on the western which answers the question of why so many disease are getting more prolific. I am on a very strict form of the diet for beating my cancer and I can tell you everything I eat is readily available in most grocery stores and I absolutely love everything I am eating. My problem is I can't eat the amount of food directed by my nutritionist. As I said in earlier post, the results have been profound but more than anything it has sparked my will to live with a goal that I am in control of. I can be more specific on foods if I know what your goal is.



Hi Navyrat

I have been out of circulation over the past two weeks. I am 10 kilograms overweight and cannot get rid of it. I do not eat a lot of carbs but do like to eat cheese and vegetables. I cannot eat crisp vegetables or fruit because of an auto-immune disease in my mouth. Perhaps you can tell me what you think I should be eating!



Are you asking about the ketogenic diet? If not you will need to research for your needs and talk to your nutritionist/primary to achieve what you want. Hope you find the right info.


Hi Navyrat




Hi JohnPepper

What type of Kdiet are you on?


Hi navyrat

I have not started it yet. I am preparing to do it properly in order to get the correct results. Thanks for your input!



Good for you John. I am sure you will enjoy your new found health as have I. If I can be of help let me know. Good Luck!


@ JohnPepper


Without further ado, the basic Ketogenic diet:

What you’ll need

◾Ketostix available on

The Diet

Note, you can eat as much of the foods below as you like, but I’ve found that I quickly feel full eating this diet. Don’t overeat and more importantly, don’t under-eat and make sure you’re getting the calories you need to function. This is NOT about cutting calories, it’s about releasing fat reserves and teaching your body to burn them.

Drink lots of water during the diet (but don’t go crazy). I find this helps increase my metal clarity and energy.

Taubes and others recommend not starting an exercise program at the beginning of this diet because during the acclimatization period you will not have enough energy and it usually results in people quitting the diet.

During the diet, measure your rate of fat burn by measuring your acetoacetate output with your Ketostix. Do this every time you visit the loo. You should see 5 to 20 mg/dL, and I’ve noticed it’s particularly high after a very fatty meal. Blood glucose (if your ketostix show this on a separate color tab) should be zero at all times. If it is not zero and above 200 mg/dL you may want to consult your doctor.

One of the most effective tricks during a diet is routine. Eat the same meals over and over or plan your meals ahead for the whole week. I’ve found it effective to pre-make dishes on Sunday and have them ready for the week. That makes it incredibly easy to stick to the diet because I avoid thinking which means I avoid creativity and creativity requires decision making which leads to hard choices. Just avoid the hard choices and have it all planned and some of it ready to grab and go.

The Leafy Green Salad recipe:

This is a recipe for a basic very low carb salad with lots of flavor. It’s great to add to any high-protein, high-fat meal.

◾Spinach, lettuce and/or mustard greens.

◾Red peppers


◾Optional raw onions.

◾Optional green beans raw.

◾Balsamic vinegar and olive oil dressing with salt and pepper. Use lemon and lime very sparingly if you add it. The vinegar actually reduces the glycemic index of this salad (and other foods).

Below I have outlined three days with a total of 9 meals that you can mix and match as you like. At the end I include a list of Ketogenic-safe ingredients you can add or subtract as you like. Remember the key is to have a high fat, high-protein and no-carb or very low carb diet. That means absolutely no sugar.

◾Day 1 ◾Breakfast: 2 eggs done any way with yolks. Sausage containing no carbs or sugar. Bacon.

◾Lunch: Chicken with as much skin and oily gooey bits as possible. Steamed spinach or broccoli.

◾Supper: Steak with cheese. Fried mushrooms. Leafy green salad.

◾Before bed 1 glass of wine with a slice of cheese.

◾Day 2 ◾Breakfast: 2 egg omlette with friend mushrooms, cheese and chopped parsley.

◾Lunch: A whole duck breast if you can get it or chicken again with as much fatty skin as possible. Leafy green salad.

◾Supper: Hamburger made with high fat mince without the bun. The mince can contain the usual paprika, chopped onions and garlic if you like, but absolutely no syrup or sugar. Add Cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and any other leafy low-carb greens you like.

◾Before bed 1 glass of wine with a slice of cheese.

◾Day 3 ◾2 eggs done any way with bacon and usual no-carb sausage.

◾Steak with cheese. Leafy green salad.

◾Salmon (or other fish) fried and served with Bok Choy and your leafy green salad.

You can mix and match the meals above and get a good Ketogenic burn going where you will notice rapid weight loss.

Eat as much as you want ingredient ideas:




◾Prime Rib,

◾Filet Mignon,

◾Roast Beef,


◾Duck (awesome if you can get it because it is very high fat),

◾Any Fish, Tuna, Salmon, Trout, Halibut,










◾Oils (Olive Oil, Flaxseed oil, etc.),

◾Salt, Pepper, Soy Sauce,



◾Mustard Greens,





Add for variety but in moderation:

Read the ingredients (if applicable) and make darn sure they contain no sugar:


◾Mustard (with no sugar or carbs),

◾Tea no sugar with milk

◾Coffee black no sugar

◾Heavy Cream



◾Bok Choy,







◾Green Beans,

◾Brussel Sprouts,

◾Peppers (Red, Green, Jalapeno, Habanero),


◾Nuts preferably almonds,

You absolutely must avoid all sugar on this diet because it is the highest GI carbohydrate that will very quickly spike your insulin and destroy any Ketogenic effect. Other foods to avoid roughly in order of damage they will do to the diet:

◾All sugar.

◾All Bread.

◾Did I mention avoid sugar?

◾All traditional carbs like rice, pasta, wheat, potatoes, even the low GI ones like beans and lentils.

◾Beware of sauces that contain sugar or things like corn starch.

Effects of the diet:

◾You will see rapid weight loss of up to 6 pounds for a 200 pound person in the first 48 hours. This is your kidneys releasing water as they expel their sodium due to the absence of insulin. It’s what you’ve usually heard described as “water weight”.

◾Then you should see continued weight loss of anything from 0.25 to 2 pounds per day (an eighth to half kilo lost per day). But this varies greatly between individuals and is affected by a wide range of factors including your current weight and insulin sensitivity.

◾For the first week you may experience slightly decreased mental clarity. This clears up after a week as your brain gets used to burning ketones for energy instead of glucose.

◾According to data in “Why we get fat” your Vitamin C needs actually decrease on a low carb diet, so don’t feel the need to massively supplement.

◾Research has shown (also from Taubes) that LDL (bad) cholesterol will elevate slightly but clump size will be increased which is a net positive because larger LDL is less likely to stick to artery walls. HDL (good) cholesterol is significantly elevated with a very low carb diet like this which is a very strong net positive. This also has other great health benefits e.g. Lower insulin reduces the risk of hardening of artery walls.


Hi RoyProp. Thanks a ton for this very explicit information. I can now start to find what I want to eat and what my wife-to-be will eat as well. I can't wait to get started.



@ JohnPepper

Modified keto diet - more palatable


Hi RoyProp. I am confused with a keto diet that includes toast and diet coke. Also, why skimmed milk. Isn't cream supposed to be good for us?



@ JohnPepper Modified Ketone Diet

There has been a lot of speculation on whether the Ketogenic diet may be effective in other neurological disorders; a small amount of research is starting to appear. We have a Mum on site trying Keto for her child with a brain tumor, already seeing improvement!

Who knows what the future may be, perhaps Alzheimer’s patients being treated with Atkins or MCT, or Motor neuron disease patients treated with Ketocal!

Modified Adkins Diet

This diet induces ketosis without fluid, calorie, protein restrictions, nor the need for fasting, food weighing or hospitalization (hospital w/Classical keto diet). All 28 patients on the diet for at least one week became ketotic. 21 (75%) reported large (80 to 160 mg/dL) urinary ketosis.

The diet is a "modified" Atkins diet as it allows for less carbohydrates than traditional Atkins (10-30g/day) and more fat intake. - See more at:

The diet is not worked out to any set ratio as with the Classical diet and you don’t have to give a percentage of the meal in the form of a liquid fat supplement as you do with the MCT diet.

The Atkins guidelines call for at least 6oz of (weighed uncooked) protein at each meal. Older adults need at least 15 per cent more than younger people because they use protein less efficiently.

Read more:

Ketogenic Diet for Epilepsy (KDE)

There has been at least one study, though, where some achieved better seizure control when they switched from the Atkins diet to the KDE.


Hi RoyProp. On another thread there is a patient with cancer, who is 'starving' his cancer by not eating anything with sugar or wheat. His tumor has shrunk considerably since starting this diet. Are you aware of this?



@ JohnPepper

I have not read that thread. It (Parkinson's Epilepsy, Tumors) may be caused by sugar. You would be shocked at what my now ketone diet space on the kitchen counter used to look like. It was covered with various sugary treats, pastries, candy. I ate like that for years, no weight problem. No longer. I have hope ketone therapy will be my (and others) salvation.


Hi RoyProp. I live in a retirement village and they cannot give me a diet that does not include starches and sugar etc. I will have to make other arrangements about my eating needs. Thanks for your help and encouragement.



I would never try a ketogenic diet. The medical science doesn't bear it up.

Be careful what you try. Use reliable medical information and providers.


If you close your eyes to the world around you the world will pass you by. The medical science is there if you care to look. I do not wish to be argumentative as that helps no one. I wish you the very best. navy rat


yes, look at all sides of the subject. If you have a condition that is not cured, you're going to have a lot of (even) medical people promoting ideas they think will work. I'm an RN and am skeptical of any unproven alternative methods. But I don't know everything, even digitalis, used today to slow and strenghen the heart muscle, was once a folk medicine.

I would suggest people look up ketosis and see if they want their bodies in a ketotic state.


I believe I have but you are absolutely correct in that everyone should do good research. I just googled ketosis and it is still the same information that I started my research from three months ago. My VA doctors, neurologist, nutritionist are in full support of what I am doing. It is working for me. Will it work for everyone. Probably not. Having the right mind set is as important as the treatment itself. Thank you for your input as this discussion needs to happen. navy rat


I certainly wish you well. I'm glad this works for you.

The one thing people in the PD support group say is that PD affects everyone differently.

Agree on the importance of having the right mindset, as they say in AA, have a program and 'work your program.' (Periodically re-evaluate if what worked in the past is still working).

Totally agree that this discussion needs to happen. We want people to stay connected and involved in their care, moving forward.


I agree with you and the point you make about PD affects everyone differently is really a statement that needs to be examined closely. What exactly is "Parkinson's"

if it is different for everyone? I certainly don't know the answer to that and I believe the medical world is uncertain as well or they would treat the disease and not just the symptoms. We have been educated to believe the "Doctor knows best". I have often heard " I pay the Doctor to take care of me. Why should I do something different?". We know what is happening to us on a daily basis. The medical profession is great and has my full respect but they are the first to say they do not understand PD. Stay involved and always move forward has my full support. Thanks for your input.


Hello Quirkyme,

No matter what direction anyone takes there is always a risk involved and that goes equally for the allopathic medical world you appeared to have been trained in. I just wish you had not written your first post in this thread, because you were in danger of putting doubts in a person's mind who is fighting two battles and is prepared to take responsibility for himself as opposed to handing his treatment entirely over to doctors in the mainstream medical world. If allopathic medicine is so great why do we still see so many people die of cancer today after President Nixon declare war on this disease in the 1970s. If only a fraction of the money that goes to cancer charities was diverted towards assessing alternative medicine we would have a clearer idea as to their effectiveness, giving people more confidence in the treatment they elect to undertake.

You should know that there are many children with epilepsy who have benefitted from the Ketogenic diet when the allopathic treatments failed them. One grateful father even made a film about his son who has epilepsy and now doing well on a Ketogenic diet. The film is called 'First do no harm' starring Meryl Streep.



I posted as I did because we all need to question and make decisions based on someone advice on a board like this. Too many people go along and think 'sounds good' and are grasping at straws, desperate for answers.

When my brother was dying of cancer (Ewings Sarcoma) in 1995, my sister-in-law felt she had do 'do something' and took her to Mexico for alternative treatments which were bogus. There he suffered a bone fracture in his spine and that caused him great pain until his death. That might have happened anyway but at least he would have been home and not in a strange country with a language he didn't speak. Caveat Emptor. Let the 'buyer' beware.

Readers, you are buying and investing in a service when you choose a treatment. Choose well.


Hello again Quirkyme,

I don't intend getting into an arguement with you and will not reply to any of your further posts on this thread if you make any. To take you back to your original post where you stated "I would never try a Ketogenic diet. The medical science doesn't bear it up", suggests that Navyrat did not know the facts before embarking on the course he has; not that he needs for me to speak on his behalf. Clearly, he did considerable research beforehand and decided on the approach has taken based on facts, which are too numerous to be spelt out here. The central point is that we all have the right to make choices so long as we are prepared to take the consequences of our actions. What I objected to in your first post was the implication that he had made the wrong choice with a short statement "use reliable medical information and providers." Everyone knows that conventional medicine is far away from curing cancer and will need to improve on using current toxic chemicals, radiation and surgery techniques.



There is a doctpr in New York, Dr. Nicholas Gonzales, who will only take terminal cancer patients who have been given up as hopeless by other physicians. Dr. Gonzales has managed to cure a number of them, but he uses all kinds of "quack" remedies which do not stand up under medical scrutiny, like laetrile, which they use in Mexico, coffee enemas, etc.etc. If I were dying of cancer, I would most certainly try some of these "quack" remedies. What do you have to lose? They say that in those Mexican clinics you are treated with kindness and respect.


here's an excellent resource for most any disease, including one on Parkinson's disease. The format is a bunch of doctors (PCPs and specialists, allied personnel) doing a case study and usually diagnosing and discussing treatments, what worked, the research. It's out of the University of Rochester. They are not afraid to disagree and have some opennes to alternative treatments...for some conditions.

This program is run on many PBS stations and always available online.

I had the privilege of appearing on a panel on grief last year, so I know that it is scrupulous in presenting accurate, up-to-date information as far as possible.

You folks on alternative treatments may want to write and ask the producers of to present as show on your illness/es.


here's the link where you can type in specific condition (a box on top right). Also info and attention for caregivers.


I believe a ketogenic diet is basically a low carbohydrate diet. Insofar as I am concerned the elimination of many, if not most carbohydrates, is the only way to go. I have a problem, however, when it comes to eliminating dairy. I agree fully on the evils of homogenized milk and would not touch the stuff myself. However, I eat lots of yogurt which is difficult to find made from unhomogenized milk,and cheese. i am buying a book on Ketogenic diets and hope to learn something. Whether or not it holds up to scrutiny by medical science is irrelevant as far as I am concerned. Medical science in this country has been so corrupted by greed and ignorance that I rely on my own research. My own doctor, when I need one, is a D.O. who is much more knowledgeable and open-minded than the standard MD.


You say, "whether or not it holds up to scrutiy by medical science is irrelevant."

Well, it would be relevant to me. You put into your body whatever you want; you listen to whatever authorities you want, but at least use the scientific method when questioning.

Have there been scientifically based, double blind studies for coconut oil? I doubt it.

I'm a skeptic until I have some valid research results in front of me.

I applaud the informed, educated layperson who questions everything and everyone across the board, who has developed and uses some critical thinking skills. However, with that said, I'd trust standard MD over an OD anytime.

Finally, there is so much new research going on and a lot of it is pretty technical. That puts people like you and I in the position on asking which experts we trust. That's why we need open discussion: not to defend one treatment off the bat. However, what works for one person and no one can take that away from them or their point-of-view. None of us has the last word for anyone but ourselves.


I agree that there is a lot of advanced research going on with technical issues I do not understand. This is why I use a computer and/or read books. I trust my own eyes in preference to the opinion of an "expert". A book I would like to recommend especially to you is entitled "Worried Sick" by Nortin M. Hadler, MD. Dr. Hadler believes that many Americans receive useless and often harmful advice from their physicians. I am not going to close my eyes and "trust" one of these experts.


That's a good book. I'm all for investigating on our own.

Where we differ, perhaps, is that I trust allopathic medicine more

all the while trusting my own 'crap detector.'



Thank you all for your input. I am just a lay person doing what comes naturally to me. Define the problem, research the issues involved, and move forward with a knowledge based decision. I know what lies ahead for me if I stay with conventional medical treatment and I do not wish to see what happens down the road. What I am doing may work or not but so far it has helped and I will always move forward. As I have said earlier, pharma meds treat the symptoms and not the underlying disease. That simply is not good enough for me. Humans have existed, in one form or another, before there was pharma meds. That has to be something that has allowed that to be and I personally believe the human body has the ability to self cure, if it is allowed to, without further interference to our auto immune systems

from unnatural chemicals and processes now being used in western diets. We are what we breathe, drink, eat, and boy have we screwed all of that up.

Thanks again, Navyrat


Thanks, all! I appreciate your sharing your perspectives, but....

Please let us know when it is "safe to go back into the water" lol!. IMHO, enough about the "Keystone Cops diet" as a friend of mine calls it, let us please go back to discussing




Bisbee, AZ


Roger, but if you have something to offer us that is outside the box please let us know. If your are content living with a progressive disease and accepting pharma as your only solution I respect your decision and wish you the best. I thought the name of this site is Parkinson's movement and not complacency. I must be mistaken. Thanks for pointing that out to me.


Whoa, lighten up dude!


That this has gotten a little testy at times is not too surprising. PD has provided a bit of a bond and sometimes we squabble like siblings. Going back to the original post, I see a sharing of details about an attempt to deal with a double whammy - PD and Cancer. Let us be clear: The KD therapy is a bit out of the box, but also has some proven success for arresting and perhaps curring some cancers. It is a reasonable choice. There is little to go on for PD, other than hope that success for epilepsy might transition to our common problem. navyrat hs been open so far and I look forward to his future reports. Please promise to keep us posted on PD, whether success or failure.

Some of the heat in this discussion maybe due to the fact that there is some risk in the KD therapy. The professional evaluation of the risk is laid out by one of the leading KD proponents (epilepsy) Dr. Eric H. Kossoff, Johns Hopkins: Optimal clinical management of children receiving the ketogenic diet: Recommendations of the International Ketogenic Diet Study Group. In the original post, the well-considered decision to enter this treatment and a BOLD caution not to do this without professional consultation is carefully and honestly presented.That valuable advice should not be ignored. I thank you for opening this discussion, I appreciate your candor, I look forward to future reports, and of course wish you great success.


In 2005 there was an article published in the journal Neurology. I have got this information indirectly, but it reports a study carried out by Dr. Theadore VanItallie with five Parkinson's patients. The patients were fed an ultra low diet of 2% carbohydrate, 90% fat and 8% protein for for four weeks. At the end of that period their balance improved, their tremors ceased and their overall mood was much happier. As can be seen, this was an extreme version of the Ketogenic diet and compares with the restrictive Atkins diet at the bare minimum of 20/40/40 ratio.



thats very interesting norton,do you know anymore about the ketogenic diet as i havent heard of it?.


Hello alanrob,

There are versions of the Ketgenic diet; you can find out more on Youtube. Look up videos by Dr. Eric Westman and Elaine Cantin for a start, they will give you a good idea.



The more I read about the medical profession and big Pharma the more skeptical I become. If any doctor accepts a free holiday from big Pharma, he loses his professionalism, because he is in the pay of someone else, who is not interested in the patient's well-being. Big pharma is in business to make money! So is every other business. Doctors should be professionals and they should do whatever they can to HELP their patients. Can we trust them if they accept 'BRIBES' from big Pharma?

Much of the above discussion centres around this issue of TRUST!

In my case, I have ostensibly overcome Pd, in that I have been able to live a normal life for the past ten years, free of any Pd medication. Yes! We are all different! Yes! We all have a different set of symptoms! Yes! It is possible that I did not have PD! But all of this is academic! Why not investigate what has happened to me, instead of issuing judgemental, unprofessional opinions, merely to steer others away from the TRUTH!



Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) covers screening blood tests for cholesterol, lipid, and triglyceride levels every 5 years. These screening tests help detect conditions that may lead to a heart attack or stroke. You pay nothing for the test.


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