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Does anyone else have "awake dreams"?

Every so often I have dreams where I'm dreaming, but yet awake....this past weekend I had

one episodes that left me disoriented, and exhausted. I was out of town with family to attend a college graduation . We were all in the same hotel. When I finally woke up from the dream, I called my sister and asked her if I was really talking to her or was I dreaming?

My family came running to my room to find me shaking and disoriented i kept asking them if I was awake. Has.anyone else had an episode of this nature?

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I don't know if I would call what I have dreams! What I have is called a Vasovagal Response. Google it! I live in Northern Illinois and I left home to meet a couple friends for lunch and a hour and a half later, when I came to, I was in Southern Wisconsin! Very Scary! Look this up and see if it sounds anything like what you had! Only difference is I don't remember a thing! Hope this helps. Ask your Doctor!


Carol <><


I have had very vivid dreams in just a few minutes dozing, even in the time of a couple tv commercials. They are so real sometimes I'm not at all sure they were dreams.



My partner had terrifying dreams while awake. We used the homeopathic remedies of Stramonium and (especially) Belladonna and they went away for good.

As everyone is different in the way they respond to homeopathic remedies, I suggest you find yourself good homeopath.

(I am totally convinced that homeopathy can be hugely beneficial. I'm afraid I don't have the time to get into any online arguments about it.)

Give it go!

Good luck



It is my opinion that hallucinations are "awake dreams"... the dreaming process is occurring while the person is awake.


I think I tend to agree with you. My husband has episodes where he will be talking to inaminate objects, thinking they are me. He quickly realizes it's not me, so he is aware. But recently, he has asked me about whether something happened, because he was sure it had. I guess that could be a form of daytime dreaming, if you will.



They could be due to pd or they could be drug related. Best to discuss with your doctor , your medication may need adjusting.


My husband sleeps a lot--when it is time for his medication I never wake him up. If I do he is most likely having 'awake dreams' that are so bad he thinks I am trying to kill him. Later on he is aware of what happened and feels really bad.


I also have this reaction of awake dreams or as the Neurologist, Dr Frost told me they are delusions. To me its almost a Petit Mal event a momentary out of body feeling and as soon as I am back to reality I realise I have written strange words (if I was in the process of writing something. Or I say many jumbled words in between a proper conversation.


I used to get lost driving then wake up somewhere I was not going to. Very scary but with meds changes and good Nuero who listens and knows what to suggest I have not had this happen in 12 yrs. BUT I WILL NEVER FORGET the lost feeling.


john is just the same , . out in the car he is pushing it , it won't start and doesn't know where he is . trying to get home . I will often see him glancing around the room .

it's the only time he can smile now and he sometimes giggles . not that he has ever been a giggler

I will try to rouse him and he asked me the other day to wait a minute , I asked what r you doing .He told me he was picking his horses out of the daily paper . he use to enjoy soon a bet on the horses, I taught myself how to do it on line for him because I thought at least it would be something he can be interested in .

mainly now though by the time the tacing starts he has dropped back off again and I even forget I have done it or I am the one getting all excited and shouting at the TV lol


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