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Yesterday my wife and I exchanged "shut the f*** ups" while she was preparing French toast and sausages.

Wife: "The kitchen is too small for two people"

Cad: "I thought that I was helping you..."

Wife: "You were just getting in the way" [using her I'm the Boss Voice]

Cad: "I have an idea: Why don't you shut the f*** up?'

Wife: "Why don't you shut the f*** up...!"

Wherein she served breakfast and we sniveled our way thru our tasty morsels.

Later. She went out to run errands. When she came home she told me that she had a surprise for me. I discovered that I was The Proud Owner of a AA Battery Powered Shaver. After struggling with The Overpackaging for too long [I can do this..] I ciphered the intructions, assembled the shaver and dashed off to the bathroom to give my new grooming tool a try. It worked wonderfully. The instructions informed me that I still has eighty five more minutes of shaving time on the batterys. I shaved twice that day. [I can do this..] Ah science!

MORAL OF The Story:

My wife bought me a new electric shaver, apparently as a reward for surviving breakfast. We seem to have adapted to Parkinson's in novel ways.

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Thanks for the laugh! I needed it.


p.s. We always say I'm sorry when The Theater closes.


Enjoyed this. :)


hi joe alt

yeah smile and laugh on

and hav e a good day

love jill :-)


I really enjoyed this. I needed a good laugh. I hear these words during the day when I am told off for talking about Parkinsons being my only subject of conversation. Surely this can't be true. Am I becoming obsessed?


My kids have told me. "I thought you should know" think I. (What did we talk about before PD!)


Thanks for the great story and many laughs. My husband and I have found that treating events which could lead to an unpleasant exchange of words are best handled with humor. This is always how we've lived our lives and survived cancer and now this. There has to be a funny side to everything we experience. JennyR


So iam not the only one who gets told to Shut the F''k up,

love it



Love it!


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