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Vision trouble

Lately I have been having a lot of trouble focusing especially my right eye on things. I usually use my right eye to line up things when I'm woodworking and making cuts and stuff. Sometimes when I'm trying to follow a line it and the saw blade both seem to disappear. Besides being disconcerting it's down right dangerous. I know amantadine can cause some problems, but I'm beginning to have trouble just opening my right eye. Anyone have problems simular to this?

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have you got cataracts? or have you had them done? i had similar problems before mine


Cataracts can be a horrible problem, especially if you rush into cataract surgery thinking it is going to be a simple, easy, painless procedure. My eye would not dilate sufficiently so the doctor had to forcibly dilate it. The anesthesia was not sufficient for such a procedure and the pain was awful. I was not blinded, but it was a year before I could see as well with that eye as I could with the other one which still had a cataract on it. Since this procedure, I have had unending problems with dry eye syndrome which is much more painful than cataracts. In short, I would never tell anyone to hurry along to have one of those "easy, painless" cataract procedures. Your sight and eyes are priceless. I had more problems after having the cataract removed than I ever had before. It is going to be a long, long time before I have my second cataract removed.


Sounds like time to switch doctors.


Believe me, I have already done so.


There are a lot of issues with the eyes that are associated with Parkinson's Disease! We use muscles to see too! See only an opthamalogist! And go from there! I had cataract surgery on both eyes last year and they are getting bad again already! I was so surprised at the things that can happen with eyes with PD! I saw a Neuro-Optholigist! Its mpst likely the PD mot the meds. Hope this helps!




i have graves disease, and that affected my eyes. i now take a medication for it. and it seems OK. but when i first had it i would be sleeping at night, and suddenly i could see what was around me. i thought i can't see this i'm sleeping. but the muscles of the eye lid , just opened themselves. then the endocrinologist, fixed me with a nuclear drink, that they handed me with tongs, and they were well covered.

but it killed off half the thyroid. so now i'm on thyroid meds. forever. that happened back in the late '80's . and it kind of hard to remember all the details. it wasn't the cateracts doing it. just an over-active thyroid.


hi i have PSP and have problems wiht my vision / dry eyes/ not blinking/double vision? and with downward gaze (ALL PROBLEMS ASSOC WITH PSP)

just use eye drops to tryh and stop the eyes form drygin out

loL jiLL



I had surgery ab-out 6-7 months ago and am doing great got rid of all reading glasses have dry eyes sometimes but vision corrected ton 20/20use natural

tears when eyes water go it living lens only problems is halo around car lights at night and 24 inch focal distance with computor


I used to have double vision, on occasions, which was most frightening when driving. Mine was an usual form of double vision. My eyes go out of line on the horizontal plane. Most people I have met with this problem go squint.



Hi olpilot

Really sorry to read about your eye problems.

I wonder if you are describing two things, one being focus and the other is called Blepharospasm where your eyelid keeps closing.

Here is some information

There is a US helpline too . I have posted their blurb below.

Hope you get this sorted soon.

"Call the NPF Helpline 1.800.4PD.INFO (473-4636) for answers to all your questions. Staffed by specialists with nursing and social work backgrounds, the Helpline is here to support you in any possible way, including:

Current disease information

Medical issues including symptoms and treatments

Health and social care

Emotional support

Referrals to health professionals and community resources for local support

The Helpline is open Mon-Fri, 9am – 6pm EST. We can assist you in either English or Spanish. You can also email us with a question at any time:"


I have blepharospasm which started with right eye closing and progressed to the left. I get botox injections in my eyelids every three months. It has been. 3 years. Botox works for me.


I have double vision when I drive, esp. when I'm tired or my eyes are dry or irritated. The eye doctor said that our eye muscles don't work as well as we age. Stress can do it, too. So it might be something you learn to 'work around' and get some more functionality here.

****But note that my husband has PD and I don't.


My doctor says it is the effect of the PD on the optic nerve. My vision will blur sometimes for a while and then clear. I changed glasses last summer, turned out it was temporary and then went back to the old glasses about a week later....frustrating.


I did the same...i had blurriness and double vision. Ordered new glasses but no change..... Im now back to my old glasses


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