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I did not know until I had PD

My mother pasted with having PD for over 20 years. I watch her as it progressed, but did not know until I was told that I had PD, which was a couple of months later. I was not aware of all the things that went with PD. As I have learned, it is different for eveyone with many problems. The quetion seems to be weather it is PD or the drugs that we take. I was becoming very stiff, but though that it was old age, altho I am only 62. After starting PD drugs, I can move again and some days feel wonderful, but not very often. Other days I can hardly keep my eyes open and then try and figure out what cause it with no answer except that is is part of having PD. Some days I get real jittery and can stay still,and when it happens at work it drive a little nuts, but I deal with it. Pd is not fun, I tell myself that at least it is not cancer, and that helps to keep a positive outlook.

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Hi -

Glad you can find a way to keep positive. It can be overwhelming, but it could always be worse - of that I am certain. Trying to keep your eyes open can definitely be your meds so you may ask your doctor about it and get a possible adjustment. That can be somewheat frustrating, especially if you're having dinner at someone else's home and you fall asleep. Been there - done that. It's worth mentioning to your dr. and seeing if he can tweak your meds. Good luck.


I fell asleep once in a staff meeting ( they thought it funny the old guy (55) fell asleep) and again during a group meeting of PWP participating in a PD clinical trial. THe facilitator talked with me and then my nuero resulting in a adjustment of my meds. The upside is I couldn't have asked for a better witness than a PD specialist

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My mother & myself have pd, my mother 4 yrs & me for around 9yrs, Before I was diagnosed I fell asleep regularly especially on nights out and I was drinking alchol. Since I started medication a few yrs ago tiredness isnt a problem anymore, Altho when my meds wear off I get the sudden urge to close my eyes & rest, until the next dose kicks in. My mum (75yrs) has no wearing off time and copes great, far better than I do (im 47) In my experience i do think it is pd & not the meds that cause the tiredness, maybe you need to up yr dose of meds to start having more good days x


I found changing meds made a huge difference in my feeling sleepy, am much better.

I have discovered if I don't get enough sleep and do not feel well a nap is helpful.


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