My generator was turned on and programmed last Mon. 6-3-13. I did not have any dramatic results except for Thurs. morning I was able to walk and get around when I first got up,before my meds.

Today 6-10-13 I went to the Dr. and the programmer changed my setting and voltage and showed me how to use the remote. She gave me written instructions along with my husband,on how to change the settings and volts. I have 4 different options to try and find out which works best. I am looking forward to finding the right one as soon as possible.

I am praying this will be a good week.

If anyone has any concerns or questions feel free to ask. I am all about helping .

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  • I hope it all goes well.

    As a child I remember thinking that I would hate to have surgery to the inside of my head and I think you are very brave, as the very thought still scares me a wee bit to say the least.

  • I used to be the biggest chicken. I just had to put on my big girl panties and go for it

  • It takes courage to live. Double or triple that for Pw-PD. Every morning those with PD wake up and have to face another day of challenges. Thanks for sharing and best wishes for a good outcome.

  • You are so right about each day being a challenge. With God all things are possible.Thank you Quirkyme for the good wishes.

  • Best to you. It is a journey. Do not get discouraged if it's sometimes two steps forward and one back with programming. It does work, but takes time. you too will have a successful outcome.

  • Thanks Jash for taking the time to give me a positive comment,

    I have faith it will be a positive outcome.

  • Thanks Jash for the encouragement. I try to keep as positive as I can. Today is a good day! I am feeling pretty good.

  • I am being evaluated next week for DBS. I must admit that the thought of someone putting a wire in my brain does make me nervous. Hope your results turn out well. Good luck.

  • Try not to think about anything negative. It really sounds scarier than it is. Try to find the best neurosurgeon in your area, one that has done a lot of DBS. Trust that you will function a d feel better. PD is so exhausting. I hope you are eligible for the surgery. God Bless. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

  • My husband's DBS surgery was March 2012. Developed an infection in incision on left temple. Had to have that portion of the electrode removed. Had 112 IV infusion treatments all of Oct. & Nov. to get rid of the infection. Finally had it replaced this April, programmed in May. But, needs to go back and have more done. Having difficulty with walking and balance. Physical therapy helped last summer, might help now.

  • Didn't intend to sound negative-just watch the incisions carefully. His was the first ever that his neurosurgeon has had to remove. The DBS improves things in subtle ways. He realizes everyday that there's something he did that he couldn't do before-he was able to get down on the floor and help me install some carpet squares. Able to get up by himself, too. Just needs some more programming for the walking. It can be fine tuned.

  • Looks like my incisions have healed. My hair is grpwing back. I always dyed my hair and had not seen the real color for years. My hair is coming in white. I probablywon't dye it anymore I am afraid of putting chemicals on m,y head. I am sorry your husband had so much trouble.I hope he continues to get better soon..The DBS surgery is not a decision to take lightly but when you have always been an active person and you want to get some quality back in your life,you have to trust God and go for it.When I wake up in the morning I say "Every day in every way with God's help I get better and better and better.

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