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A new day

Every day is different,this illness,has taught me, never to take anything for granted

How you manage your condition when not under direct medical supervision makes a difference to your quality of life, your general health, and your usage health services.

Self-management takes time and demands interest in short you need to educate yourself in the many complexities related to your illness,

As I see it,youve got it. its not going to go away,your its manager.This was not somewere I suddenly arrived at, it was years after diagnoses and living with PD now it lives with me.

Our health care management colleauges GP Neuro,PDnurse.Physiotherapist,prescribe care by tradition but are increasingly the providers educating and enabling self-management. By definition this is the tasks that individuals must undertake to live well with 1 or more chronic conditions.

These tasks include having the confidence to deal with the medical and emotional management of your condition.This is the difficult bit,in life without an illness its not easy to achieve.In our present system its not really promoted,or financially supported,making people well isnt a good long term investment.Dont mistake what I am saying is not intending to undervalue medication or health professionals but it most certainly is easier and safer to prescibe care,than unleash you on yourself.

Accept we must not all want to choose this path and those who pursue it will graduate at different times,be it ten years or two .Patients are afraid to self manage,needing the reassurance of approval and the safety of direction from professionals.We forget a most important role,the patient as the educator,of professionals as well as fellow sufferers.There is some development in this direction.but in the main it is under-resourced and under researched.

Self-management programs are an effective complement to the work provided by health care teams..Programes location, staffing, and the extent of personal interaction between self-management educators and patients are fragmented and diverse

The overall objective of self-management programs should be to support and influence by educating the behaviors of all participants. While variation will always exists regarding the implementation of such programs ultimatley I feel you cant manage someones lfe but supporting choices is important empowering wellness,disempowers illness,live long live well,be happier.

Dont sit back and wait for the system TO DELIVER do a little DIY.

Manage illness

Take action,

Face problems,

Make choices.

Your on the way to Personal “Wellness ”.

Simple and easily grasped and accessible strategies,we know them ,but old habits die hard, so be it, choice made,I am not the mistress of self sacrifice.I know whats good for me whats not so I compromise.

Healthy diet,



Reset you goals, rebuild your dreams

It has been shown that’ Sharing responsibilities with patients and emphasizing the vital role patients play in improving health-related habits and self-managing their health conditions are key issues, regardless of diagnoses’.

One study found that 4 months after participating in patients with diabetes mellitus showed significant improvements in eating breakfast, mental stress, aerobic activities, shortness of breath, and pain.

The way forward with this one ,well its upto you,and whatever you choose be it right for you at this moment tommorow may be different,if its the only exersise you undertake choice is always your own.

I cant be evangelicabout food and diet but I can still improve my health.Im never going to win the health olympics but then I wouldnt enter,Im not a competitor.I prefer a fun run,thats my level of participation,my choice today,but the path unkown tommorow.

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WOW! This is exactly why I am feeling better. Only wish I had been able to read this when the whole PD began!

Thank you so much for putting into writing what I wish to share with others! You hit the bull's eye with this information!



i agree

(bit too much to read and tkake on boarod ato 6am after beign awake 2hours but keep up the good thoughts

lov ejill :-)


I wish I had known everything about PD when I was diagnosed as I do now. I think (?) I might have been a little better had I known the importance of exercise from the start. But, better late than never.


I could have written this. Thanks.


Whilst I would endorse what you say about self-managing, it should also be pointed out that some people are incapable of doing so. Recent posts have indicated at least one person who was totally at odds with the sensible management of their condition. Others seem to be looking for a new consultant who will agree with them, rather than accepting the advice of their current one.

Self awareness is key - are we managing, or tinkering? Are we fully cognisant of the facts, e.g.long term effects of current procedures? If so, then I agree that our condition can be improved. If not, then we should accept the advice of our medical superiors.

This site offers a terrific boost to self-managing. By exchanging information and experiences it enables us to apply (or not) methods and practices which we otherwise would know little about.

Thanks for raising this important issue.


Yes, I believe in this. If your neuro doesn't, find a new one. In fact, my GP and my neuro are both encouraging me to do alternative therapies that I'm not willing to try like acupuncture. I'm sticking to plain good food, lotsa water (with lemon added or coffee), EXERCISE with good friends, fellowship, enjoying my day, having a daily routine, laughing, singing. I'm in New York City so if people think I'm nuts, no big! I'm NOT doing any more clinical trials (maybe a one day one), trying any new meds, hanging out with negative people (unless they are having fun being negative!)


I'm with you, Pat!!!!! ??ahahahahahahaha...Cheers¤JeG


PS: those question marks were supposed to be musical notes...I will give it another try....?


Oh well...sing, and laugh and exercise your minds and bodies. Onward and upward to wellness everyone!~JeG


Hear hear!!


Hi PurplePixie!

Thank you for this inspiring and well-thought-out sharing!!! I like the way you think..Blessings!!! JeG :-)


Thanks for the comments,and Janellen for most of them, he he be carefull with multi tasking you might break something.

Exercise,your mind or your pinkie[finger].Whatever bits are still working.

A laugh works better than a sinemet,Singing especially if you cant,maty make you feel worse.

Take care all.x


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