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GABAPENTIN for nerve pain?

Was debilitated with sciatica pain and my general practitioner (after careful consideration, research for interaction, and discussion) carefully prescribed gabapentin 300 mg once a day. My PD meds are carbidopa/levodopa, comtan and mirapex. (Mirapex was the possible interaction). Within two hours of taking the one AND ONLY capsule I will ever take, I had double vision, a migraine complete with nausea, diarhea (sp?), and felt like a walking zombie. It took two days to rid my body of the effects of that med. Now, back to the same problem - debilitating sciatica. Any ideas?

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very much so. i had 2 protruding discs at the joint of my neck and spine after a whiplash - they were actually deflecting my spinal cord (I still have the mri images). gabapentin was ok at first, but after 2 years had to add 50 mg diclofenac 4 times daily.

but watch the gastric effect, and change after 2 years

now, for the hip and sciatic nerve damaged in that hit-and-run i am on NAPROXEN 500 mg GASTRO RESISTANT, one tablet twice daily. it's good for the sciatic, and completely ok for me with my cocktail of PD stuff. (hint - my gp said under no circumstances take more than 1 tab every 12 hrs.)


It has to be the mirapex in the mix. I got complete sciatic relief with Gabapentin. I am written up for 2 4x daily, but I only need 2 a day as needed. I could not function with the terrible pain...Gabapentin is my anchor along with Sinemet ER! Gosh, I hope you can get help.

I dislike mirapex because of OCD monsters and hallucinations. Gabapentin doesn't work with one pill, I understand your bad side effects, but I had to take it for a week or two to really get the full effect and help. Good Luck.


I agree, the pain of sciatica is just about the worse thing that can happen when you have PD but my neuro says its very common in PD so like every thing else with this debilitating disease, we all respond differently to whatever cocktail we're on. . I was prescribed Lyrica for about 3 weeks which mercifully did work for the pain but I became allergic to it, developing a severe body rash !! My GP took me off it straight away. By this time, the pain was under control but I had suffered with it for many months before I found the right drug. Gabapentin and Lyrica are the same sort of drug but I think Lyrica is the more potent. I hope you find something that suits you soon. Im currently on Sinemet Plus and Requip XL.


My husband has also suffered with sciatica and we now go to the chiropractor for great relief. After a few manipulations, my husband is back to normal until the next flare up which usually isn't for a while. The chiropractor has been a huge help for him. He did take the gabapentin but had problems with it because of the Mirapex. Neuro has since taken him off Mirapex but he hasn't tried the Gapapentin again since the Chiropractor is helping him. Hope you find some relief soon.



I cannot say enough bad about mirapex . sorry off topic


Like you, I had "negative" effects with Mirapex......I would fall asleep speaking "in mid-sentence""......or while listening to others.

The effects of meds effect everyone differently. I've heard of others that have had very good results. ..Everyone's whatever works, I guess.


Thank you for helping me I was put on Mirapex and after three days I got so depressed I almost ended it all. I think this drug is BAD.



Sorry abouit spelling this started about three months ago I can't remember how tospell words, and have troublewith math.


Well then....I guess we both agree on the Mirapex....and don't "apologize" for the spelling...(I write responses with the dictionary by my side, at times)....I'm very "conscious", just as you are, about how I "appear" in print....

"Hey," guess what!!,,,just as I was looking up the last "million dollar" word, (conscious),.....I had a "heck" of a time doing it, (since I didn't have a "clue"...the dictionary didn't help much.)......Then I remembered that my cell phone has a "speak" feature, that you can ask a question, and it appears in "print".....then this "robotic" voice answers you...and says it will "look it up" for you!......"Ta-ta-ta-ta!"...Problem "solved", (for me at least.)

The meds I am on now are working pretty good, (right now, anyway).

They are a follows:

Azilect (1 MG tablet)....taken once in the morning

Carbidopa-Levo ER 50-200 Tab..taken 2 times a day

Amantadine 50 MG/5 ML Syrup..taken teaspoon at a time-1-2

times a day.

I used to take the carbidopa-levo 3 times a day 'till recently....I've found that if I get a lot of exercise I don't need the 3rd dose.

I don't mean to say that these will, or will not, work for you.....everyone's different....or should I say.....Everyone's "uniquely" different!

Take care.....and "fight on!"

We may have PD...but it "Doesn't have us!!!" :)


Thanks for taking the time to respond, I see my Nertro in 3 weeks and hope she can offer some kind of answer.




I have been on Nuerontin, (Gabapentin) for 4 years now! If I don't take it the pain is so severe!

I now take 600mg 2 times a day and then 900 MG at bedtime!

I find the combo of that plus the Baclofen helps with my dystonia in my neck and feet!


I am having same questions, pinched nerve pain, have had DBS with Parkinson's and a lot of same Sinemet plus PD drugs. 1800 mg/24 hrs of the Gaba. I think he will not go any higher on the Gaba.


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