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Drummer girl post2

Hello hello from Scotland, land of spotty PJ's and slightly crazed drumming female with PD.

So I had my awesome lesson and since then have practiced for 4 hours and guess what! I am nailing it..... aside from a mis-behaving dodgy right foot / leg which was always going to be problematic. I have a new target, before belting out The Mighty Clash I am up for drumming along to Desmond Dekker and the Israelites! youtube him on Jools, aged 67, clad in leather grinding like a 20 year old, man thats a kool kat! So drumming is up there and along with my radio show is my strategy of meeting problems head on. The radio is my answer to changing speech, word loss, stopping mid sentence ..... what could be more exposing than that. I think that practicing and exercising those things that are failing is a good plan! Well its my plan! Next stop tap dancing! smile.

Much love to all


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You really are an inspiration to all of us. I don't know where you get your energy from. Wish I had a talent I could use as I like a challenge. Will have to stick with dog walking and the Wii fit, which is not very pleased with me at the moment.

Wish I had the confidence to go to line dancing again, but not sure my feet would not let me down.

Good luck.



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