The Sense of Dying

The Sense of Dying

I'm willing to trade

my life for yours

I've already talked with God

still waiting on His answer

It's selfish really

I don't want to see

you die

I don't want to feel

the loss

I don't want to cry

and remember

It's easier for me

if I just die

in your place

It's hard to look you

in the eye

when you smile,

or laugh

and talk about the future

It's all laid out there,

just a few short months

a few months,

how can any one say

or do

all they need to...

A few short months

to sum up

a lifetime

a daughter,

a career,

creative projects,

books to be read,

characters to become,

family to see,

Love to be found

I can't watch it end,

I don't want to let you go

I'm willing to trade my life

for yours.


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  • I wrote this poem after visiting my sister Roseanne. She had just been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer at 59 and it just all seemed so unreal to me. She died 8 months later shortly after her 60th Birthday! I miss her!

  • Beautiful artwork, also.

  • I lost my sister 10 days after her 60th birthday. I miss her to. I love your poems and drawings.

  • Very touching poem, Jane.

    I'm sure you do miss her so very much!

    I can't imagine losing my sister.

    Sorry for your loss.

  • Thank You. When I chose a photograph of Roseanne to paint I wanted to make sure she was showing her fashion sense. This pic was taken in 1967-68 and she was "Groovin' "!

    In March of last year I lost another sister, Alice, to a brain anuryesm. She was 58.

  • hi jane

    sorry 4 your losses o fyour 2 sisters

    nothoing can part u from the pain

    BU T your painting is good of her

    love jill

  • Hi Jupiter. I hope that all is well with you. *hug*

  • I'm doing Okay, but every day I gather as much good vibes, happy thoughts and hugs from friends and familyto help build me up a little stronger!

    Thanks for the "Hug", My Friend!

  • Wow girl that some painting! I hope you do lots and lots of it, and put up a gallery, I for one would visit it!

  • I do have a website for my Artwork, poetry and what not! I am still working on it, but feel free to peruse every corner! Don't forget to leave your thoughts and comments on what you see or don't see. And don't forget to push the "Like" button, this gets me closer and closer to a more accessible site.!/pages/Psych...


  • I just looked at your fB art pages. Nice!

  • Thanks for looking! So glad you enjoyed it!

  • What a poignant read. I keep reading it again and the painting is wonderful too. You certainly have some talents. If you don't already publish your poems, maybe you should think about doing so. I for one would love a copy.


  • Sue,

    I have submitted a collection of my poems to several editors but as of yet no replies. I'll let you know if I get an offer to print!

  • Sure that you will get positive replies and go to print. Look forward to hearing from you.


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