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Have you ever had a head trauma, before your PD diagnosis?


When I was fourteen years-old, I was hit by a car going 45 MPH and was knocked unconscious for two days. Last year, at age 36, I was diagnosed with early-onset PD.

I've spoken with two other early-onset PD patients in the last month and they both had a serious head injury / trauma when they were younger.

I'm not sure if there is any connection, but it made me wonder. Anyone else, who is early-onset PD, have a prior head trauma / accident?

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I was in a head on car accident when I was around 20 years old. My head hit the steering wheel and I was unconscious for awhile also. When my head hit the steering wheel it broke most of my teeth,which caused me to have a lot of root problems and crowns on my teeth.. I was diagnosed with Mercury poisoning about 15 years ago when I was 45. My doctor thought it was from all the mercury in my teeth ,which I had removed. I went though almost a year of therapy to get rid of the mercury. Than 2 years later I was diagnosed with Parkinson's. Hope this helps.

My husband wears dentures b ut needs to use adhesive as well . There was some talk of something in the adhesive that might cause Parkinsons . Might have been Zinc .

I also had multiple head traumas, none severe enough to go unconcious, but bad enough to buckle my knees. However I'm curious about how they diagnosed mercury poisoning and how they treated you. i had all my mercury fillings removed and 4-5 years later I'm PWP. Anybody else?

I suffered two head traumas as a child. FIrstly age six fell from a swing. Eyesight was badly effected. secondly at age13 horse fell on me on a concrete road and I was not wearing a helmet. Severe concussion and loss of memory. No fracture.

I fell and knocked myself silly. I had vertigo problems. I couldn't walk without throwing up. It took 6 mo's before I recovered. I don't think I ever totally recovered.

I've wondered about head trama being a possible cause.

I have read and heard that prior to diagnosis, many people experience a traumatic "physical event" - it could be anything. Maybe it is one of those "triggers".

ive fallen on my head quit e afew times in my life i always said its agood job i landed there i might have hurt myself otherwise but i was watching Mohamed ali the othernight i wonder if all that battering to the head was a contributary factor to his pd it bears a thought

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A doctor told me that if Mohamed Ali's PD was from a head injury we would see more boxers with PD. Heard he hated roaches and used a lot of insecticides

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Hi ,

I was a Boxer for a long time when i was in the Armed Forces, just wondering if this was a trigger? not boxed for over 20yrs ,


I fell down the outside metal stairs on a cruise ship when I was 9. I had amnesia for two days. Then when I was 30 I slipped on wet tile and fell straight back and my head hit the floor. 19 years later - welcome to PD.

I have not suffered a head trauma, but have heard before that teeth fillings containing mercury can cause problems. I know some of my fillings contain mercury,

Could these two things be avenues to follow?

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I had spinal meningitus when I was a baby

I had three serious head injuries when I was a kid and have always thought that this is the root cause of my PD. Tony x

Yes I fell down stone steps when I was 22 had fractured skull ,concussion and my head swelled up to the size of a beach ball .I've had Y.O.P since I was 34 but wasn't Dx till I was 42 , four years ago .

I believe that it was the fall thats caused that P.d.

I had mercury fillings and had a very temporary boyfriend who hit and bruised my skull,,,also have scar from fall at nine,

My friend thinks all will go right if root fillings are removed...anyone heard that? Also have been recommended rtre supplement by naturpath???ddq

I'm taking the regenerative nutritions heavy metal detox, now but it brings my symptoms back stronger, I think this is a good thing as it MAY show a relationship between detoxing the mercury (retoxing?) and worsening symptoms? what is rtre. I take chlorella and high doses of antioxidants,also....

I had my mercury fillings removed about 3-4 years before I was diagnosed with PD. You really have to go to someone who knows what they are doing, or you will ingest more mercury when you have them removed. My doctor is an integrative MD.,who believes in using medical knowledge and also natural remedies. She's the one who recommended the dentist that I went to. Hope this helped.

Correction: There were no complications (none) ever following these incidents. I rarely get headaches. I flew many hours on military aircraft, but only at a much later age suffered with painful ear problems descending for landings aboard commercial aircraft.

I put my head through the windshield of my car when I was 20. When I was thirty-something I had a roller-blading incident that resulted in a minor head injury. I passed out but only for seconds.

I often wondered if it could be massive "Trauma" that is either physical OR emotianal. My husband (and I) went through massive emotional trauma some years before he was diagnosed. We have met other pwp that also went through emotional trauma some years before diagnosis. We also know pwp going through a physical trauma some years before diagnosis...not head related. I then went to a conference where a Doctor also had these thoughts. I believe other health professionals also think this.

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I think you're absolutely correct about emotional trauma bringing disease on. My mother and father both died of cancer within two years of each other. I was the primary care giver for my mother until she died.

then about two years later my father died. That's about the time I started to experience symptoms of PD. Stress is BAD!

I was diagnosed with multiple blunt trauma after being struck by a police officer.

What was my crime? I went out of the wrong door while Christmas shopping. The police officer thought that i was a shoplifter. When he searched me all he found was $45 and two credit cards. It's sort of a sad story.

I have never had a head injury.My Mother never had a head injury but she did have PD. My brother had a motorcycle accident that left him in a coma for a week but he does NOT have PD, My sister had 2 skull fractures and encephalitis but she does NOT have PD.

Interesting question. My husband who was recently diagnosed with PD was hit hard in the forehead and eye when he was in his 20s. The doctor at that time told him the accident would cause him problems in later life. Sure enough in his fifties he had a detached retina and the surgeons were not able to save his eye. Last year he was diagnosed with PD.

But, I had a ca accident and traumatic beain injury in my twenties and was in a coima for a couple of weeks. The only lasting damage I have is headaches and some memory problems. On the other hand the damage I suffered was to the side of my head not the front. I wonder if that is relevant in any way?

2 years ago Jose

Over 50 years ago, I was hit in the jaw with the full force of a base ball bat (accidentally). I picked up my red wagon handle and walked home (pulling the wagon) a 1/4 block away. I remember walking but only saw my street in a flash instant. I got home in 5 min seeing only black. Two years later I fell three stories and only got knocked out - no other injuries. In 1956 I was knocked unconscious by an opposing football player (no accident). I was almost completely unconscious for 5 hrs before recovering on the bus going home. There were no complications ever following these incidents. I was diagnosed with PD 49 years after the last head trauma by the Mayo in

yes i hit my head so hard I had to have emergency surgery to save the sight in one eye - my retina was almost detached. I then was diagnosed with early onset pd about 2 years later. Similarly 4 friends who have early onset pd also had major blows to their heads beforehand.

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