Does anybody here get periods when every time they move suddenly, they get dizzy?

I am not just talking about that light-headed feeling you get when you stand from leaning over or crouching down, but that feeling of furiously spinning round when you turn, as if you were on good roller coster. When you stop turning, your head carries on going round, sometimes so furiously that you feel nauseous. Occasionally preceeded by a hangover-style headache, which would be ok, except that I haven't had the pleasuer of the drink. And I am too old for roller-coasters.

8 days now, and it's only just beginning to ease off enough for me to write this.

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  • I have that feeling a lot my doctors tell me that it's hypertension. It means that when you stand or move quickly your blood pressure drops very low. You may need to have your blood pressure tested first sitting and then straight away standing. Mine drops considerably low when standing or moving quickly, if I'm not careful it can cause me to fall over. I have purchased a blood pressure monitor from my local pharmasy, they are not expensive and well worth their weight in gold.

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks Gypsy, I had blood pressure at the back of my mind, but never having had a problem with that, I know very little about it. But I'll fix an appointment with the practice nurse, and let her sort it out.

    Thanks again

  • Very little difference in the word but a big diffeence in the effect. In simplistic terms, hypertension is high blood pressure, clogged arteries etc etc. and hypotension is low blood pressure and is not dangerous unless its extreme although there is the risk of falling with being dizzy. Anyway, so your blood pressure is low.

  • Hi, it could be BP connected but do you have rapid eye movement whilst you are dizzy? I suffered for many years from BPPV which is caused by small flecks of dust or whatever getting into your ear canals. Iet happened when I turned over in bed from one side to the other or doing likewise on a gym mat.You can tell if someone has BPPV because there eyes are all over the place

  • Hi, I went to see GP after having BP tested. He said it was a little low but could be a side effect of medication - Sinemet in my case - and also dehydration. Definitely worse when I have been sitting down for a while or when I have undertaken exercise whilst with fitness instructor and trying to sprint!

  • sounds like an episode of bppv.... benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. Semicircular canal dysfunction with the otoliths being stuck. I had it for 2 weeks 5 years ago. It as the origin of my recognizing the need for retirement. There is a solution called the Eppley maneuver. Google it.



    Another side effect of something in all this is that, in 4 and a half years, i have shrunk by 1.9 inches

  • hi allowercase

    i had the problem of dizziness and feeling nauseous 4 a few years whilst still abel to swim and going to the pool]]

    now i can no longe r co-ordinatehand s/arms and legs and9 i have PSP) have ento had the labyrinithitis since

    the Eppley manoeuvre can help if it is BPPV or labyrinthtitis

    sorry i canna to be of more help than this but you have posted over a year ago now so perhaps you have seen an ENT CONSULTANT bout it ?

    lol jill


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