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Gingivitis, continued

Previously, I posted a question regarding gingivitis and PD. It seems there were many folks who have experienced this as either a side effect of their PD meds or dry mouth.

On that same post, I mentioned that another person with PD had recommended using Siberian Chaga, he gave me some to use and the gingivitis improved. I ran out and thought I was ok. Then my gums, tongue, etc became raw and bleeding.

I recently ordered more of the liquid form of the Chaga, it came today. It is to be used three times daily. I have had 2 doses and the swelling and redness have already improved and I have minimal bleeding.

As stated previously, I have not discussed this with my doctor, but I am amazed

at the change in such a short time frame.

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I had my DBS February of 2001. I have not been to the dentist for over 10 years. When I went in for a cleaning, my head was shaved from my DBS. and she wouldn't clean my teeth because she said I will make you bleed and we don't want to risk infection. I was okay with that because I have never liked the dentist too much anyway. LOL. But now my teeth seem to be moving in my mouth. My bottom teeth are cramped together in the front, almost like the one tooth isn't there and I notice that my gums have receded quite a bit. Is that gingivitis? I'm getting a little worried about that, but I still have this fear of the dentist, especially since I know he'll find a bunch of stuff. I keep hearing all of the accounts of the "new" painless dentistry, but I remember that a Medtronic rep once told me that I would have to have it the "old" way, which, as I remember it, was painful and I do not have a very large threshold for pain. Anyway, that's my story. Hope this helped.

Where do you buy or order the Siberian Chaga? My tongue is so sore it even hurts to eat Ice cream



It sounds like you do need to see a dentist. What you may have is a more advanced form which can lead to other problems.

Because I have Mitral Valve issues, I always have to use antibiotics before any work is done on my teeth. I have not been back since the PD diagnosis.

I would suggest that you talk to the center where your DBS was done and ask them for a recommendation regarding dental care, they might have a lead.

Yes, my tongue is raw also. I suck on ice chips a lot to help with the pain, fortunately, my pain tolerance is really high.

I bought the Siberian Chaga from an online herbal company What I have this time does not seem to be as concentrated as the one I had been given previously. The other was from a multi-level company and was more expensive. I still have some improvement, but it has not cleared up completely at this time, though the bleeding is much less.

I do not have insurance or the money to see a dentist at the moment. I had always had very healthy teeth and gums prior to PD. It does concern me.


I suffer from Dry Mouth. I lost the bone in my bottom jaw. after 4 surgeries and implants for teeth. I still see the dentist 4 times a year for teeth cleaning. People with PD often get dry mouth, which promotes gum disease and tooth decay. ( loosen teeth). I use biotene which helps- bought over the counter at drug stores.


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