For the baby boomers-Do you think recreational drug use in the 60s.70s contributed to PD?

During the late 1970s, a controversial program sponsored by the US government sprayed paraquat on marijuana fields in Mexico.Since much of this marijuana was subsequently smoked by Americans, the US government's "Paraquat Pot" program stirred much debate. Perhaps in an attempt to deter people from using marijuana, representatives of the program warned that spraying rendered the crop unsafe to smoke

California study states Speed (Amphetamines) affect the release and uptake of dopamine, the key neurotransmitter involved in Parkinson's disease.

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  • Jerebet, the sight is down. I've never smoked anything...guess I have to come up with something else.

  • Never smoked weed or did any drugs, did not even drink alcohol until 21...I think my sister made up for both of us! She cannot believe I have PD and she does not.

  • Thank you Di and Susie. If researchers could find the root cause then they could find a cure.There has to be a commonality somewhere. I just hope they find it.

  • Hi Jerebet,

    i too have never smoked or indulged in recreational drugs , maybe i should have , but it never appeald to me , am now in my early 50's and i am thinking i have missed out on some thing ( only kidding)

    take care


  • I read, somewhere, that people with a personality type that is not "daring" are more likely to get PD.

    Wish I could remember where and quote it better.

  • I read that too in a book. I will look for it and get back to you.

  • I have never smoked or taken recreational drugs. I agree that there has to be a common link, finding it is not so easy.

    Maybe if we all give it some thought we will come up with something. There are enough of us!!

  • yes - i think that could be the answer - we have to think of a common denomenator or some .. like you said - there are enough of us ...

  • I smoke just about everyday 18 yrs old till I hit about 22 yrs old. I tried acid a few times , coke . I stopped all drug use about 28 yrs old

    I was in an auto accident , my head hit the windshield wasn't wearing seat belt

    Dr think that could of been it . I still have a friend to this day who still smokes pot he has no problems.

  • It's sort of sad that our government would resort to poisoning us in an attempt to save us. Pot makes me feel better. I go from feeling doomed to "I can live with this" in about two minutes.

    Maybe somebody should do a study on how guns cause death.

  • I go to the local Parkinson association stretch and movement class and the vast majority of participants are older retired professionals, no old hippies here. That being said, I believe the application of Marijuana in conjunction with conventional medicine's has in my case proven to be most beneficial and I encourage any and all Parkinson patients to consider this as part of there therapy.

  • Statistically teachers and nurses in North America have a slightly higher than normal rate of PD...the theory is viral infections might be another piece in the puzzle. I taught school for 35 years. I smoked a little pot in university but never really go into and enjoy a glass of wine but go weeks without ever having one. My PD diagnosis came at the same time as I was dealing with excruciating shoulder pain...both rotator cuffs torn, probably from dragon boat racing with undiagnosed PD. Our coach was constantly yelling at me to relax my shoulders. I wound up on morphine for the shoulder pain, in order to sleep, and hated it as well as being freaked out by taking an opiate. A good friend made me some pot brownies, very mild, and they got me through. I still eat a half a brownie if I can't sleep. They have the opposite effect on some people, waking them up, but I think almost everyone finds cannabis helpful for pain and nausea. It frustrates me no end that it is so hard to get and still illegal almost everywhere, and credible research bodies won't go near it, when dopamine agonists have been handed out like candy and ruined so many lives.

  • Great! The scientific approach.........

  • I sometimes think about all the drugs I consumed may have contributed to some degree , mainly the hallucinating drugs t hat I was addicted too but I live down in south Florida for a couple years did a couple kilos basically a working addict with a love for thrill. That said I was not alone in my endeavors and the only one alive with PD. so my opinion is I rolled the dice and they came up snake eyes got PD but it hasn't got me . And yes I smoke cannibis to this day for relief and enjoyment

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