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What effect does STRESS have on the progression of Parkinson's disease?


Many people feel that stress causes Pd. I am not a doctor, but I feel sure that it does not! I think it triggers many health problems! So! What should we do about stress?

My response to that is, GET RID OF ALL UNHEALTHY STRESS!

That is easier said than done. But we have to weigh up the pro's and con's. Don't tell yourself that you CAN't do something, when the result of not doing it can cause your early demise. And then what would your family do?

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I don't believe it CAUSES PD. In retrospect I see signs that I would have gotten PD--a frozen arm that would not swing, etc. But stress can exacerbate it. My stressors in 2001 were 2 thyroid operations and going too long without thyroid replacement, 9/11 here in NYC and then in 2002 my son died at age 36. PD symptoms appeared before end of 2002. Don't get me started on describing the slippery slope I went through with injuries, etc. relating to progression!

JohnPepper in reply to PatV

Hi PatV

Thank you for sharing this with us all. No! WE don't ever want to think about those days, when we found that we had succumbed to Pd. or the lead-up to it.


I know stress plays a big part in making my symptoms much worse! If I get stressed out my toes start curling and I have a hard time walking. It can be vary scary when that happens!

fishinggirl in reply to SHELLPD

Stress also makes my symptoms worse and causes me to have insomnia which makes the stress worse so I de-stress as much as I can. Stressed me out writing that sentence(just kidding). Seriously, I can still feel bad without much stress but stress can also be a motivator for me to get things done that need to be done. I just stopped being a landlord and that lifted a big weight so I can concentrate on exercising and wellness. My toes also curl, Botox injections help but don't get rid of it entirely.

I certainly agree with Shellpd-Stress makes my symptoms much worse - more freezing or inability to move. Very scary when that happens! Unfortunately, some people who stress me out do not understand at all!

I hear you. I have a husband that is a "class A personality, He stresses over the most minute things and panics the people around him. I put my headphones on, get on my keyboard and lose myself in music. Luckily, my personality is so low key that he doesn't affect my PD.

Hi Marimad

If you have Pd, as you do, then you might be able to avoid it for short periods of time, but if you don't put an end to it, it gets worse.

I am not a psychologist or a doctor of any sort, but having suffered from Pd for a long time, I have had to take good note of what agravates my Pd symptoms. I have found that when I get stressed, my Pd symptoms immediately get worse! I am sure you and most other people will have noticed that as well. I cannot do any fine motor activity, when I am stressed. I shake like a leaf and I can't hold anything properly.

Assessing carefully what has caused those problems has not been easy. Family upsets are invariably high on the list of those causes. We think that because it is family, there is nothing we can do about it!


Those are the most important problems to solve!

Just think of it like this - If you are continually stressed and your symptoms continually get worse, then your lifespan is going to get cut short. Ask yourself, "Will this help my family?" if the answer is no, then do you really have a choice? Do they have a choice.

Do they know that what is going on between you and them is causing you such problems? If they did, do you think that they would not want to do something about it?

If the problem is money, and you are being expected to pay out money you don't have to a younger person, who for whatever reason has not got the money and expects you to give it to them, then you will be doing both of you a favout by telling them that this has got to stop, and the best time is now!

ONly then will they start actually do something positive about it. If you died and the money has run out, then they would still have to bite the bullet and do something about it.



Renda in reply to JohnPepper

Well said. I am in the middle of reducing triggers , or attempting I should say. Family relationships STRESSFUL! Maybe a yoga class will help. IDK

I don't think it causes pd but definitely makes symptoms worse I have a wife who works long hours a mother in law who needs constant attention and a 14 year old just starting his gcses not complaining because I do cycle 100 miles per week when I do walk I am lucky I can increase my pace to walk faster I was sceptical at first but I do believe now that it works having said that when a few things come at once it does make the condition worse the problem with pd is I have found if you rest to long it has harder to tune in anyway enough negativity like I said I do cycle100 miles per week and walk my beautiful dogs everyday

Hi JeffMeyer. When you walk as fast as you can, the body goes into 'Fight or Flight' mode and produces growth factor, which repairs damaged cells. In our case we have damaged glial cells in the brain and the GDNF produced in the brain repairs those damaged brain cells. So, walking the dog will not do that. Riding a bike might do it, but I am not so sure of that. Do yourself a favor and give fast walking a shot every second day; it will be well worth it. You will feel the difference in a month or two and you will never look back.

Stress and overtraining at the gym for 40 years triggered off this Demonic condition for me.

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