Sept 12

Sept 12

This is a painting of a sun rise. I painted it on September 12th to illustrate how the world went on AFTER The Infamous 9/11 just as it did after I was diagnosed with Parkinson's. Sometimes we need to know these things.

I painted this picture for my mother last September. She had asked for a painting of a sunset. Shh. Don't tell her. I think that she was entering a metaphoric stage of her life. Me too.

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  • I like this.

  • This is brilliant. You will have to start marketing them. I, for one would love one.

  • Make a copy.

  • Very nice, is it difficult to work with the brush strokes? I will find that my hand looks fairly steady sometimes, but when I pick something up, it shakes.

  • Sometimes I have difficulty with my coordination. Last year I bought a guitar, only to discover that I can no longer play chords because my fingers don't do what they are supposed to do.

  • Beautiful

  • It really is beautiful. It has an air of mystery to it.

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