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Does anyone have know someone who has had a gastric bypass surgery and was diagnosed with Parkinson's later?


I had the gastric bypass surgery in November of 2011. March 13th, 2012 a name was given to my tremor, shuffling gait, increasingly expressionless face and even more symptoms. If you are not familiar with the diet following a gastric bypass, it is one that protein is should make up the majority of the calories eaten. The surgery also impacts the absorption of medication. Any suggestions for a diet to follow? Thanks in advance!

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Oh dear I think you need advice from a dietitian. You may like to try this link:

Best wishes

horsplay in reply to Hikoi

Thanks for the link. I meet with my PD doc tomorrow and my dietician next week. I think using the link you posted will be a starting polnt.

several years ago ,before PD I lost a lot of weight(about 80#) on weight watchers. I think you should check it out.

Horsplay I would look into the Mediterranean diet. It's pretty easy to follow and it's a good ovrall diet well balanced and easy to incorporate in daily living.

Hi i had gastric banding bout 13 years ago.

No special diets Just any food was served

or chewed to babyfood consistancy. Then

problems arose and j had the band removed

and a "kind of gastric bypass" was given to

me and again no special diet condiitions were

Used just smaller quantities and chewed well.

PD was diagnosed bout five years ago but i

had symptoms for bout 8 years. Sometimes

thought a connection between ops and PD

but dont think there was.

Big pills are difficult to get down but taken

crushed with yougurt successful administration

Can be achived

I do know a woman in my PD dance class who had this. I'll ask her.

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