Immune system

Just wondered, does anybody's immune system seem to be effected with pd? I seem to be picking up everything at the moment ( don't want to sound like I'm whinging). I have always been in very good health - but if I go near anyone who has a sniffle now I seem to get it. I'm considering entering into a little sterile little bubble on my own lol - any tips would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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  • I seem to have the same problem. constant cough, nose running constantly etc. I take k's and Ks of vit c etc no help...Sleeping might help me though!

  • Interesting, I wondered if the lack of sleep is contributing, difficult though when you can't stop coughing lol. Thanks for the reply x

  • I think that a lack of sleep does lower your immune system.

  • Absolutely Jazz!

  • Prior to PD I was in pretty good health. Seems now if I am exposed to anyone with cold, cough etc....within a week I've got it.

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