When do we get a sleep


Yet more sleepless nights , been up since 2am GMT now 5.50 am, why oh why cant we sleep , this is just nuts , i was never a person who would sleep long anyway, however since taking PD Meds i have very littel rest and i am never tierd during the day, body clock must be all over the place , iv got a busy daty today Tuesday , shaking is bad just know, just have to wait till 8am for meds

have a good day all you parkies out there


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  • It's tough. Just make sure you stay in bed, resting at least. Read or listen to music. I hear there is a great Celtic radio statiion in your area you could listen to.

    I miss a night of sleep about once a week and find that sleep is one of the most vexing of issues.


  • Hi Jill,

    thanks, iv not had a great lot of sleep for nearly 6 mts now, i have my ipod on just now, as i love all types of music , i only get around 2 hes sleep a night , rest of the time im up ,do a bit of house work if shaking lets me , just getting fed up with it


  • hi AL

    i had problems with night= time incontinence and that is now sorted with meds

    BUt I also have prblems in getting enough sleep in so am taking trAZADONE at nght time for it

    it has given me 5/6 hours

    but i know what you mean when u have a heavy day ahead and have not slept....

    be careful if you r driving today and

    take care anyway

    love jill

    and a :-)

  • ps great photo

    where is it?

  • thats never your hoose !! it must be awful not being able to sleep - i am lucky - i have trouble falling asleep and then getting up for the loo but i nearly always manage to drop off again - mind you i do take my 8.00 meds up to 1 hour early if i cant drop off - then i can sleep until 9.00 ish

  • wow - some pad -- but like you say ... if ye canna sleep in it - thebn its not much good -- why aren;t you at work by now !!??

  • hi al

    sorry r eyour broken hadn

    have u broken any limb ba



    i am worrried about breakign a limb as i am galling so many itmes ina day but my bone structreu )touch wood_ must be good

    lvoe jill

  • Both arms and right leg,although i am a bit wary of my hips , got right one replaced in 2006 and waiting for left one to be replaced soon


  • I feel your pain alsh59! I have been a lifetime insominac. Sleep disorders sometimes precede a PD diagnosis....even years before motor symptoms appear. Even if I can't sleep, like jillfd, I try to rest; but you can only toss and turn so long...then these ole' bones have to get up! :) I sometimes go a string of days with practically no sleep, then my body finally crashes....ahhh, sweet sleep! :) My wish for you is a good night's sleep, my friend!

  • Thanks Cheri,

    its a pain in the but , however suppose ill get used to it


  • I dont think I can remember having a good nights sleep for a loooong time. It would be heavenly to go to bed and sleep through the night till morning. I too feel so tired at the moment - but just can't sleep. Your comment was interesting Cheri because I have not been a good sleeper for several years and blamed my age lol, I was just diagnosed last August.

    Maybe Paul McKenna could help us out lol x

  • Hi,

    I have tried paul McKenna , he used to work for me alas no longer

  • Hi Al. Sorry to read about your broken hand buddy hope it heals quickly. I'm not losing sleep but I do have very vivid dreams which seem to make no sense whatsoever and I usually wake from those and find its around 4.30am! Anyway impressive pad by the way mate.

    Take care


  • Fractured sleep is very, very common in people with PD. Sometimes I think that neurologists and movement disorder specialists are overlooking how big this issue is, and that more attention needs to be given to it. I MUST take sleep meds every night to knock me out, and I'm at that point now where I have to change them since their effectiveness is wearing off. It's a REAL pain in the butt ! We all know that without enough sleep it just messes up everything in your life.

  • I Also have sleep meds (zopicione 7.5 mg) but they dont seam to work,

  • Hi when you do sleep ,do you dream and when you first wake you think you have been asleep for along time , Until you look at the clock

    I can dream about 8 hours in less than 8 mins. ???

    yours EXPORT.

  • Hi Export,

    I never remember if i dream or not, i took a sleeping tab last night and sod all happend , went to bed areound 11ish , could not get to sleep so i just got back up, really is a pain, but i am never tierd , so whats taht all about, just now , i feel a bit disorientated , very shaky and sick but apart from that iam tikety boo


  • I hope this video link may help you.


  • Thanks ,

    Just watched the video, very interesting,

    its 5am GMT and i have been up since 2,35am, befor i went to bed last night i decided to go for a short walk , althooght my walk was short it took me over 1 hr to compleat , thinking the fresh scottish air would make me sleepy i went to bed , and guess what still no sleep.

    i will try some of the methods that the Vid suggested and see how it goes , again many thanks for the vid


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