Being negative about being positive

I am too cheerful, I don't struggle enough, I have it too easy, I don't suffer, I am too happy, wait until you get advanced, a bad advert for fundraising, must have an agenda..... believe me I have heard all of these and more....

I am 50 in two days time. It feels like a milestone of sorts, but only in a having to move up a box in the 'age range' tick. What does it mean to me, truly well to be honest I pondered on is it time to give up PVC shorts (frankly that time was 30 years ago but since I didn't heed it then its unlikely now) I guess what I am saying is it is no more significant than that.

I hold no more significance to all the negative comments I have about my attitude, my maverick 'loose' cannon reputation and my out spoken approach to illness.

I remain largely mis understood and that's because unless people engage me and bother to find out who I really am, in the same way as we all should with each other, I am not going to spend my time soothing my own way for other people's benefit. I don't have the time nor the desire.

I have Parkinsons disease, it is progressing, many many things are hard and I deal with them my way. The way I choose is fiercely pro-active, massively energised, and positive, oh I am ++++ extra. And you know what, I remain in stunningly great health all things considered. My life is extraordinary, and I am not ashamed to be gloriously happy fulfilled and live without fear.

I have made it that way and my way. It requires effort, thinking, planning and a bit of smart behaviour, all things I can control. All things I do.

I am not telling anyone else to do them, I am just saying it works for me. And actually thats all that matters.

I believe we all have it within us to find this place where we can operate, where frustration is minimised, where discipline, ideas and a free spirit keep you well. I am keeping well, so something I am doing is right.

The point of this post, is to say, I think my positiveness is a good thing. Put it another way, I am not trading it in for anything else.

Have a great day, please.

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  • Wise words C......thank you. Tony

  • Your posts are always inspiring. They always makes me stop and reflect. This post came just when I needed an "attitude adjustment". Thanks HH.

    Have a very happy 50th birthday! :-) :-) :-)

  • I'm 66. Diagnosed in 2006. I appreciate your comments. Thank You for being there! I don't have a partner, but a lot of friends. I deal with PD, enjoy life, and participate as much as I can. :-)

  • You, my Dear Friend, are a force to be reckoned with, albeit, an extremely positive, inspirational, happy force, but a force, nonetheless! Keep up the good work.

  • Your attitude is the best one to have. Mine was the same for the first 20 yrs when my progression was very slow. Now....not so much!

  • Top post. Well done my friend.

  • I try my best to be positive but,it doesn't always happen!

    I have a great partner who gets me through a lot and I am so thankful for him being in my life!

    I am having some cosmetic surgery to uplift my spirits and hopefully make me feel a little better about my appearance (I HOPE)!!


    Thank you for all the "Positives"!!

    Have a super day!

  • I love your positive attitude. I have been positive since diagnosed in 2004. I always tell people you have to keep a positive attitude, stay away from negaitive people, exercise. My motto is PUSH....pray until something happens, SHOP TILL YOU DROP and DANCE TILL YOU CAN'T

    The last two years I have had a little trouble doing the shop and dance part. I just had my 2nd surgery for DBS yesterday and will get turned on in a week. I am very positive about the outcome. I have an excellent Movement Disorder Specialist and also Neurosurgeon.

  • Give a shout for all "Pollyannas," as I have been accused of being. Sometimes it looks like this: you are having a great time marching in the parade. I am also having a great time even tho' I'm marching in a chair and at 73 not always sure if my symptoms are PD or age related.(not a wheel chair but while I walk just fine, standing just doesn't wrk anymore)

  • Thanks, once again, for a post that I wanted to read and which I really needed as I am a bit down at the moment. My positive attitude seems to have deserted me at the moment. However., I am determined to get it back. I will not give in to this back pain. Went completely mad and have booked us a holiday in Portugal to coincide with my birthday. I will not be 70!!

  • Happy Birthday Sue! Enjoy your trip and your special day as you are a special lady!

    Cheri <3

  • Your post was the first thing i read this morning. Bravo!

    When going to bed last night i caught myself wondering for a second "why bother". Im 56, diagnosed 2005. I look fit and do a lot of different things to keep me occupied, but occasionally I hit a brick wall. This morning, after reading your blog I am back on task and ready for whatever happens today! Thank you

  • Thanks for the post. You aren't the only one who "sees the glass half full". I agree...I do as much as I want for as long as I want. I am 61, recently diagnosed, but my neurologist/movement disorder specialist, highly recommends my continued to increased activity.

  • "The problem isn't the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem". My favorite movie line. You go girl!

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