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Parkinson's Movement
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If you missed any of the previous live webinar broadcasts, you will be pleased to know that all of them are available to view off-line via Youtube. So grab the popcorn, make yourself comfy and enjoy as Jon and the boys (and girls) lead the way ...

Parkinson's Movement webinar 1/12 "THE SHAKING PALSY"


Historical perspective on the discovery and early treatment of Parkinson's, with discussion of how the condition may have changed in the last two centuries

Parkinson's Movement webinar 2/12 "DON'T PANIC!"


Discussion of how the diagnosis of Parkinson's is given, how this affects the treatment path and how the process of diagnosis and early discussion can be improved

Parkinson's Movement webinar 3/12 "TAKING CONTROL"


Positive steps that individual patients can take to improve the quality of life, and preserve their well-being by taking control of their own health monitoring

Parkinson's Movement webinar 4/12 "GUT FEELINGS"


Discussion of cutting-edge science linking the gastrointestinal system with neuropathology in the brain and how this may lead to future treatments for Parkinson's and better understanding of its clinical features

Parkinson's Movement webinar 5/12 "TO SLEEP, PERCHANCE TO DREAM"

Sleep loss and its consequences in people with Parkinson's, including cognition and hallucinations. Practical advice on improving sleep.


Parkinson's Movement webinar 6/12 "MEAN GENES"

4 Replies

Will there be any talks on gait freezing?


not in the first 5 but it willl be covered later


Thank you Jon.....Tony


thank you, very interesting!


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