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Allergies and asthma with PD

I have had long term allergies to many things and also allergy induced asthma. I was diagnosed with PD 02/2011 and started on Azilect and a couple of PRN meds.

Since I have been taking the Azilect, I have not had an asthma attack and my allergies are not so bothersome. Has anyone else had allergies/asthma that is better on the PD meds?

I asked MD, he had no idea of what the correlation could be. I still wonder if they will at some point discover an auto-immune link with PD.

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Hi Susie,

i also have athsma and what i have noticed is that i have reduced the amount of bricanyl i take, i was taking any thing from 5 puffs 3 x per day, i now find that i no longer take any , only when stressed or out of breath, my Symbicort has also been reduced to 2 puffs 2x per day , dont know if this is down to PD meds , taking less of the Athsma meds does have a possitive effect ( i think Anyway) however iam not a medic,




Thanks Al,

I have only used my rescue inhaler a couple of times since beginning the PD meds. As far as the allergies, I now only take Zyrtec once a day and use the Zyrtec eye drops a couple of times a day. Have not had to take prednison at all and have had only one sinus infection. Prior to the PD meds, I would have many sinus infections and atleast twice a year would have to take prednison or solumedrol dose packs several times a year.


hi susie

i ahve since age 8 sufferfd from allerigies to houselhodl dust and feathers BUT do nto kwno of a link iwth Pd or Psp (from which i suffer)

coudl be worth a new mediccl trial...

love jill



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