some benefits(?) of having Parkinsons

This morning I thought of a few "benefits". Feel free to add on if you think of any.

I do not need an electric toothbrush

I do not need to worry about sobriety tests – I can’t walk a straight line anyway

I won’t accidently volunteer for something I don’t want to do as I am already shaking my head no.

It lets me do a neat ‘tremolo’ on the violin.

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  • Thanks.

  • Actually, sobriety tests can be a problem as many police officers are not familiar with the challenges we face.

    Another benefit ... martinis are best shaken not stirred :)

  • We have a blog site.

  • I`m a wizard with an egg whisk! :-D

  • double bubbles in the bath! (cos I forgot I didn't need as much liquid in)

    That was a pro & con !!!

  • As long as they`re not the ones that come up between your knees!! lol ;-) x

  • Now got an excusse for being crap at Dancing, great at table dancing though

  • There`s money to be made at table top dancin mate!! lmfao :-D

  • just a pitty i have a tash and hairy legs

  • So do the women in Sheffield lol :-D

  • Very Funny

  • Love your humor. We have to laugh at life. I was recently diagnosed in Dec. but I knew for a while 10 years of symptoms. GOD BLESS and Keep on Laughing

  • The best reason I can come up with is that if I did not have PD I would not have found this brilliant site and its equally brilliant, and funny. contributors.

    Thank you all.

  • Agree, it's a great site for us all. :o)

  • hi all

    jsut los my post again it has 2 tbe here somehwere


    Is there anyone from Ireland to add flavour??

    lvoe jill


  • sure and I'm right ear, born in Dundalk but living in Florida. I want o contribute but in the interest of not offending anybody with a sensual reference, i will say nothing. I do type faster just not the right keys ...

  • My wife loves to sleep at my left side now. She's saves on batteries with her "toys" ;)

  • Ha Ha Ha Ha like ya style RoosterPD :-D

  • and I was afraid to say that...........LOL

  • haha you guy are great! For me I don't have to feel guilty watching TV, reading all night or internetting. I'm not lazy, I have PD. And damned lucky to do what I do!

  • I do what I can

    cos I'm a PD man

    food from a can

    right into the pan

    I'm great with a fan

    and when I can't, I ask for a hand!

  • I LOVE that ! lol !

  • now ain't that grand............!!!!

    this PD was for sure unplanned...........

    but I keep on smiling and will take a stand...........

    I will keep on trying, so strike up the band !!!!!!!

  • I've got a great fallback job lined up: Mixing paint at the local hardware store!

    Steve (Bisbee, AZ)

  • Soooooooo funny!! :-D

  • That is a good one! :-)

  • I dare not to try and direct traffic at a busy intersection. Can u just imagine? Haha!

  • Lol :-D

  • ......and who needs one of those machines that make frothy coffee? lol :-D

  • Love all the post, glad we can find the humor in all of this. Not so funny, but for me, my allergies and asthma have decreased markedly on the PD meds, I even have a small dog in the house now and I was severly allergic before!

  • Hi

    Nice to hear of something positive about PD meds, I`m on Ropinirole and it causes bad nausea :-( Anyway its great that we can all share humour on here.

    By the way I read your blog....hope you dont lose your house....keep positive :-).... and good luck with your appeal

    Andy xx

  • Thank you Andy,

    My mortgage company is working to find a solution. A longterm friend whose father had PD has moved into a portion of my home and pays rent. That money helps a lot! Now if I can get disability and also find a workable part-time job, it would be enough to keep the house. I am attempting to be positive regarding the situation!

  • I`ll keep my fingers crossed for the meantime keeping reading our blogs on here....theres myself and a great guy called alsh59 ( call him Al ) who try and keep everyone amused with funny tales, jokes etc....If it puts a smile on your face then our job is done :-) At the end of the day its what we`re all here support one and other and to answer any questions or worries we have...we may not always have answers but we`ll do our best...that you can be sure of :-)

    Take care

    Andy xx

  • Oh by the way I only work part time, I`m divorced, I too find it a struggle each month to pay my rent (I live in a 1 bedroom flat) and all my other bills, debts etc plus I`m also trying to save up to buy myself a cheap little car so I can hopefully see more of my 3 young children......don`t`re not alone :-)

    Andy xx

  • lotl

    Living in the country the advantage of having PD is that I can follow a muck wagon and smell nothing whereas the rest of the family are choking and gagging! :-)

  • my biggest advantage of having pd is it gives me a great excuse for my lousy golf

  • i don't smell skunks, gas (earthy or human), bad breath, etc. Of course, it works the other way, too. I have to ask my husband if I smell okay. That's insanity. Hard to keep the romance alive when I'm asking if I smell bad.

  • Romance ? what is that?

    Affection perhaps...

    I'm lucky I have my Graand kids to tell me I stink.. lol

  • Being in closE proximity to someone who has bathed in a strong perfume. Does not bother me. Can't smell a thing. Pd is excuse I give if I don't want to do something and can't come up with something better

  • My greatest benefit of having PD? Had to give up weeding! Made me dizzy :)

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