I have internal tremors that seem to be worse in the evening which keep me awake at night.

I read an article about exercise helping with tremors and did a little experiment the last time it happened. When the tremors returned in the evening, I exercised for 25 minutes on the elliptical. Maybe it is all in my head; but it helped! Anyone out there tried this with the same result?

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  • Cheri,

    I have had the same experience. I can feel the tremors coming on, sometimes getting on the treadmill helps.

    You may want to get a blood pressure monitor. I have noted that when I have bad tremors coming on that my blood pressure and heart rate will go way up. I do take medication for my BP and have to monitor pretty often because the PD can make it drop. If it is going up, I will take my prn PD med and an extra BP med if it is high. It will usually prevent the severe tremors.

  • I hadn't realized how obvious my tremors were until after exercising for several months. I went to visit relatives, out of state, and they all commented on the fact I wasn't shaking (when they noticed).

    I REALLY believe exercise is a very important answer to helping with PD symptoms.

    I am glad to see you mentioned using the elliptical machine. I used it often before I was told I had PD. When I used it recently my legs hurt and it seemed too hard to do. Was wondering if it was the wrong piece of equipment. I’m going to try it again…maybe it just got set to a tension that was too difficult for me.

  • HI I have know answers but when my tremors come I think the more try to relax the better.

    your EXPORT.

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