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Movie review: 

Last night The Music Box Theater in Chicago welcomed Actor/Director Crispin Glover,[What's Eating Gilbert Grape] who presented a slide show and readings from his books and then ran the movie, "It Is Fine! EVERYTHING IS FINE" he Directed with David Brothers which is sort of about coping with Cerebral Palsy. Ok. The guy with cerebral palsey [Steven C. Stewart, who wrote and acted in the movie] is sort of a porn star/serial killer. The movie was great in a bizarre way. During the Question and Answer Portion of The Evening Mr Glover talked about another movie project that employeed an entire cast of actors who had Downs Syndrom. I couldn't help but wonder how The Parkinson's Community could benefit from that type of public relations.

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  • Not sure whether "bizarre" or "porn star/serial killer" is quite the right kind of public relations we want!

    But it begs the question of why do we need a particular public face?

    There is a terrific amount of scientific investigation going on to discover ways of combating Parkinson's - would public relations make any difference?

    There is already financial pressure, from governments faced with the escalating cost of medication and care (where these are largely state funded), to find a cure.

    I haven't found that my condition has caused any problem with my own public relations in my community?

    What difference would it make?

  • I don't think that Crispin Glover was advocating porn or serial killing when he made this movie. Mr Stewart, the writer and star of the movie, suffered from a severe case of cerebral palsey. Although his speech was very difficult to understand there were no subtitles, something that Crispin Glover insisted, and the role was played with dignity and humor. What the viewer got in the end was an opportunity to educate themselves about people who live on The Outside. That the movie was financed and made in the first place is testimony as to the importance of giving The Handicapped a voice.

  • Joe, I wasn't knocking the film, nor the reason it was made. Writing a play/film about a particular condition can produce fascinating results. Hence, "Awakenings" with Robin Williams, or "..Cuckoo's Nest" with Jack Nicholson. Also, "Who's life is it, anyway" - all of these are great movies. But can anyone say whether they have had any beneficial effect?

    Surely such a film must first of all be entertaining, or people will not want to watch it. Just highlighting the condition, e.g. Parkinson's, is not enough.

    Oh, and forgive me, my remark about porn etc. was just my lame attempt at humour.

  • i know.

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