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North African adventure

Day 1 arrived at our holiday destination in Tunisia at 5am after the bus journey from hell. Not for us the comfy air conditioned coach. Instead a dozen of us were squeezed into a rickety old minibus with little or no suspension and driven at speed through the night over what seemed like every bump in the road. Just as we were all nodding off and as we neared our hotel, to wake us up the driver hit the biggest pothole he could find sending us all flying up off our seats and coming down with a sharp jolt. That woke us up I can tell you

Day 2 fabulous hotel. Very luxurious. Sunned ourselves by the pool most of the day. Kareoke in the evening where I sang two songs. My rendition of Delilah seemed to go down well.

Day 3 Weather was awful today. Very dull and overcast. Decided. To go on excursion on a miniature train to see the sights of the nearby town of Mediah. And what a sight it was too. On one side of the road plush five star hotels, on the other derelict and half built buildings. Our first stop was the fishing port. Not very picturesque and smelling of rotten fish. Lovely! Next stop, the local cemetery where the guide treated us to a lecture on how the local. Tunisians buried their dead. Fascinating! All the while a gale force wind came off the sea blew through the train and almost froze us "sightseers " to death. After a short visit to the "commercial centre" of Mediah ie one street of a handful of very shabby souvenir shops we werehapoy to board the train and get back to the hotel for a cup of tea to warm us up.Dont know why but after dinner I got a pretty bad shake on and caused a bit of a stir in the dining room.

Day 4 the weather was diabolical this morning. We sat by the pool huddled in fleeces and goodies. I mean the Sahara bloody desert is just down the road you don't expect to be cold do you. Thankfully however the sun came out in the afternoon which stopped us all cutting our wrists. Unless you want to ride a camel there isn't much else to do here but lke in the sun and when we couldn't do that we were both getting a bit fed up and narked with each other. The entertainment here in the hotel is a bit embarrassing " limited" and this being a moslem country means that there are no local bars to go to. Don't think we'll be coming back to Tunisia anytime soon!!!

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Wow. I'm sorry, but we live and learn don't we?


thanks for sharing your adventure! love your humor!


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