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The COST who will PAY ?

The day if and they announce they have a CURE for Parkinson's and I don't want to leave out my other brother and sisters with other diseases like Cancer. But will insurance companys or medicare PAY or is it just for the RICH and FAMOUS who will get it?

I just watched the where a woman's insurance company was not going to pay

her 58,000 dollar treatment .

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That is a good question.

Also, with national health care how old will be before they decide they can not afford us.




I have always assumed when a cure is found it will be available to everyone who it would benefit. Beginning to question this now. However, on the positive side, maybe the benefits would outweigh the costs as medication for PD is costly.


Guess it depends where you live. I'm confident that the NHS would pay but the 'cure' would need to be proven and that is the difficulty because what will the cure be like? What does it mean to be cured of PD? I don't know but I often do wonder. I know I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the free care I have had to date.


In England the NICE board has a mathematical formula for denying care, based on a "quality adjusted life year." .Health Canada has a similar formula. If US healthcare goes socialistic; it is likely it will adopt a similar board and formula will be adopted. Currently private Insurance and Medicare will pay anything that is NOT considered experimental.


Hi Jerebet

This fascinates me as an NHS employee and a resident of UK . I have never heard this before though of course know the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence guidelines. I 'd be grateful if you could PM me the references as i want to follow this up further.

My work recently has been with an NHS run free primary care service for homeless people from around Europe who sleep rough in London, so I

have not worked in elder care for a few years. Thanks in anticipation.


Hi Hikoi, Please see the Wiki entry and the item from NICE and the BMJ listed below:


Thankyou very much for these.

Just a point of clarification. NICE Guidelines are just that, guidelines. There is no board to oversee implementation. Hence the debate in BMJ, where doctors discuss their own opinion on the guidelines. They are evidence based documents on assessment and treatment of conditions. This is the link to the one on Parkinsons.


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