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Not a blog on PD but an answer to queries about my son

This is just an update on my son and his recent hospital admission which I mentioned in my question on stress and PD.

So many people with their own problems were kind enough to ask how he was getting on that I thought I would give a quick update. He is now home, patched up although still unwell and not progressing very quickly. He will need further tests but as well as having badly damaged kidneys appears to have a bladder problem - both linked. He may have to self catherise, not something he is looking forward to but if it puts a stop to further damage, worth it.

Thanks again, for all your good wishes. STRESS tell me about it!

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Thank you for the update!

Stress does not go well with PD. Am praying for you and your son.

Please continue to update us.


thank u for the update wishing u and your son all the best . plz keep us posted xx


Stress is a killer... constant victory is needed over it... cranky people with a constant negative attitude can give you/us stress...almost every neuro i have seen has told me that STRESS is the enemy of PD... Dennis



Best wishes to u and your son!

Steve (Bisbee, AZ)


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