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Follow up with Survey Responses


Hello to all who participated in the survey of Beat Parkinson's project entered for the Broadcom Masters 2013. Through the 75 responses, I have noted that a percentage of patients who have gotten Parkinson's due to personal stress (relationship, marriage, divorce, stress), head trauma, and/or toxin exposure. I am a middle school student, but my grandfather is a Parkinson's patient, and I would like to share my little insights with such a supportive and welcoming Parkinson's community.

I also just wanted to say a sincere thank you to all. My sole and only purpose and goal is to find a cure for Parkinson's. Through making speeches at local support groups throughout Orange County, I have witnessed countless patients who suffer every second of their life because of this degenerative, crippling, neurological disorder. From the data that I have collected so far, it already shows promising light that seems to lead to a preliminary finding. The obstacle that I prevents me from accomplishing my big goals in life is the lack of participants in both the survey and Traditional Chinese Pulse Diagnosis. 8 patients have met with me in person to do the Traditional Chinese Pulse Diagnosis.

If you have friends and family members who do not have Parkinson's and whose age is over 40, can you please ask for their help in participating in the survey? This will make my conclusion stronger and the data significant.

Survey link for family members/friends/elderly seniors who don't have Parkinson's:



8th Grade student at Rancho San Joaquin, Irvine, CA

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Hi Jennifer

Firstly thankyou for your interest and commitment to Parkinsons. i want to comment on what I noticed you write - people have GOT Parkinsons from........ Can you really say that definitively? Are these things cause or trigger? Im not sure how your questionaire was worded but i think we find what we ask. For myself I think genetic predisposition is very important also.

Best wishes with your research.

Yes, I am suggesting a hypothesis.

Thanks for replying Jennifer. I hope you are finding your project interesting and learning alot in the process. Best wishes with the rest of it.

I am over 40 (64) not got pd live in UK any use to you ?

Yes! It would be great if you could fill out the survey in the blog post above :)


i have done your survey hut have PSP

lol JIll

and good luck

Thank you!


I completed your survey but as I am UK based I could not do your Traditional Chinese Pulse Diagnosis. If you would like to send me instructions on how to do this then I will send you the results.

Good luck with the survey.

Thank you. The Traditional Chinese Pulse Diagnosis is for patients who are able to drive to Irvine.

How did I miss this? I was not aware of the Chinese Pulse Diagnosis -- somehow I didn't catch that.


I completed your survey but live in the UK which is why I haven't contacted you for the Traditional Chinese Pulse Diagnosis

Good luck

Thank you!

I applaud a child your age taking such interest in this disease. My own daughter would never do this, my son refuses to even discuss my illness. I did take your survey but I am TN.

Oh, thank you!

I have taken your survey and now asked my friends who do not have PD to do so in support. I hope they do!

Thank you! :)

Thank you for caring about people you don't know, and wanting to find a way for us to live a bettr quality of life. I didn't know about your to group..but if you do another one for PD patients, I will make certain to participate.

Yes, thank you. I do have one for PD patients (I put it in one of my earlier posts). Here's the link to survey for Parkinson's patients:

I tried to take it but it is no longer accessible. :-(

I too completed the survey. Good luck and best wishes!

Thank you so much!

I really don't think you can "get" Parkinson's from stress, but I do think stress is a definite trigger.

in reply to RoMo

Thank you! :) yes I think so as well.

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