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The invisible battle

And here we are hitting Thursday how did that happen illness or not time slips by and I am ever conscious about keeping ahead, achieving stuff and juggling this mad life of mine. Sat once more in the spotty PJ's I read all the posts from this spirited community and as always inbeteeen the words I nod in acknowledgment that I have had similar or know how that situation feels..does that give me comfort to know I am not alone or make me sad that so many of us face these sometimes exasperating challenges. The invisible illness is the one I find most difficult to level. Yes the loss of words the dyslexia the inability to follow a book. The confidence swings the over sensitivity the tears. Not being able to organise and the chaos of mess. I could go on. Harder to treat, I think so. Harder for people to understand, for sure. But not impossible to live with, nor impossible to overcome, no. Absolutely not. Embrace change, rise up to challenge focus on things you still do well. Have some successes. I make a mean chilli, I can dance, I paint badly but I love it. I keep my smile. Yes I do.

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Reading everyone's post is truly helping me understand all of the changes in my life the past 10+ years.

I am finding it easier to be thankful for the positives in my life and not concentration so much on the "problems".

I'd like to thank all of you for being so transparent.



i agree with henderson haywood and dican

it is what i can do not what i cannot any longer which ic important

but i have lots of challenges to face in the coming months and do nto want to be as frustrated as i am at present when i Cnnnot do something

so i shlall smile and :-)

love jill


Its the being over senseitive and the lack of confidence that gets to me.

Any one any idea who to prvent this. I blame the meds



I think its not to worry where it comes from but to try to take some steps to feeling back in control of your emotions again. What works for me is being appreciated and valued by those around me. So I shrunk my world and only try to have positive connections. You have done a good thing by being honest and wanting to deal with it :-) Confidence for me comes from little successes, so try doing stuff you are good at :-) x


I missed you HH! Thanks for reporting in.


I am never far away!


I also find it helps to concentrate on what I can do and try to let go of things I can no longer do. I recently went for a cycle ride, something I have not done for a long time and thoroughly enjoyed it. After I had mastered how to get off.!! I have also started knitting again as this helps my tremor. Caring for my grandchildren and dog walking, all these make me glad for the things I can do. Although I still miss line dancing, I can live without it.



I manage to get up, make my bed, load dishwasher, do morning prayers, feed guinea pig, tidy up once in a while for a Buddhist meeting or visitor, take a shower or bath, if really mobile get out of house once a day to visit kids, go to store or a meeting or a PD exercise class. Thank goodness I found an assistant to help with the hard organizing things. She's an LPN in school to be an RN and makes great miso soup! I'm starting to think if I lived in a residence I could get meals and cleaning and have something left over to go to a museum and do something creative like paint and play music. Interesting what Sue says about knitting!


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