Constipation Considerations

Lovely topic, I know. But a common concern amongst us parkies, especially those of us who are heavily medicated. I've been having trouble with constipation for quite a while. Even had an emergency room visit (which was SUPER lovely!). I was even starting to think I'd better push for DBS so I could cut back on my meds before they cause me permanent bowel damage, even though my symptoms are mild and pretty controllable at this point.

Anyway, a new friend suggested that I start each day with a glass of water and some fresh fruit. So now, for about the last three weeks, I've been washing my meds down with a pint of water and eat an apple, banana, some pineapple or (my friend's personal favorite) two whole kiwi fruits. I'll spare you the details, but I am happy (VERY happy, actually) to tell you it is working great! Regularity seems possible!

Thought I should mention it here.

One More note: I was also surprised to learn that coffee does NOT help with constipation as I always thought. In fact, it could help CAUSE it (or, so I'm told by my friend and my own research). I'm still drinking coffee, but not as much and not until I've finished my meds-water-fruit routine.

Hope it works for you.

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  • hi michael

    i like your idea of hte fruit and water tai start hte day1

    i have psp thus no meds (or side effects) but i do ge t constipated if i do not have my regular prunes daily; plus re d wine and chocolate !

    i also just love hte fact that cos i do not take any meds 4 the PSP (i Ahave tried sinemet and amantadine to no effect ) and thus can enjoy the wine

    lol JIll



  • I just started Amantadine and the warnings say not to drink to "excess" - and dizziness, etc.

  • What is Amantadine given for -or- what is it suppose to do.? I have a bottle

    of it and it is almost full. I don't even recall why the neurologist prescribed it.

  • God forbid I'd have to take any medicine that would take my wine away. LOL!

  • God forbid I'd have to take any medicine that would take my wine away. LOL!

  • I have a high fiber cereal, a fistful of almonds, and fruit with lunch and so far have been okay. Like your suggestions for a natural approach to solving the problem...certainly better than popping a blood vessel when straining for relief.

  • Yes that I would imagine works very well. But if you get out of that habit for a little while it ( constipation ) will come back on you!

  • Hi MichaelOM,

    Try Lactulose. In UK, you can buy it over the pharmacist's counter. Do more walking or some exercises.

    Best of luck

  • if nothing else this information is very helpful will pass it on to my brother just in case he finds this problem himself

  • A probiotic everyday with food! I take with breakfast! Get at pharmacy and you have ask for it because its refrigerated! No prescription needed. The one I take is Floragen3. Hope this helps someone.


    Carol <><

  • Probiotics definitely, high fiber (fruits, oatmeal) and Miralax if all else fails. My older daughter has cerebral palsy (aren't we a fun family) and has had severe constipation for years. Miralax is the only thing that works. It dissolves clear and has no aftertaste.

  • I can eat 18 prunes, or more, a couple of big whole wheat and or oat bran muffins and steel cut oats for breakfast, a big honkin' salad for lunch, drink lots of water, probiotics galorefresh fruit, i walk a minimum of 2 miles per day all of which, at best, might give me a bit of gas, but no movement!!! I am now doing Miralax daily, plus eating this way - god forbid that it stops working!!!

  • My Neuro told me to take Miralax twice a day. I have only been taking it once a day but that's changing today. I'm ready ti move. :-)

  • I've been seeing a GI doctor as well as a neurologist. Finally found one who treats me as a human being and not a body part :) Constipation is a huge problem and scares me. I just completed a colonoscopy with 2 day prep. I have diverticulosis and my GI doc prescribes high fiber, low fat and regular laxatives like Linzess and bisacodyl. Certain fiber foods cause me PAIN :( like broccoli and melon (see FODMAPS).



  • Hi i eat fruit nuts yoghurts actimel,stopped drinking coffee but i WAS still constipated but since i have been doing something to help myself i am constipation free the method i use has been aproved by two doctors and recently have been mentioned i think on EMBARRASING is something that people pay money to have it done,my way is alot easier and cheaper i think you can guess what it is it certainly works for me and i wish i had done it years ago one of my Daughters has been doing it and i got the idea from her

    # please coment on this as i would love to hear from yoi



  • Apples and popcorn do it for me BUT...I found if I am doing more sitting than upward standing and walking, I am constipated. I need to move around more so a nice walk around the block helps immensely.

  • I do the same thing!

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