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How they treat Parkinson's in China-strangely interesting

Treatment strategy and daily care

1. On routine care of traditional Chinese internal medicine

2. On grade II care

3. Regular diet

4. Herbal tea: enrich the liver and kidney, extinguish wind and quicken the network vessels. The prescription is to enrich yin and extinguish wind decoction. Such as Shoudi (cooked rehmannia), Guiban (tortoise plastron), Tianma (gastrodia root). One dosage a day and drink by twice, five days.

5. Massage: once a day

6. Acupuncture: once a day

7. Have more medical examinations if necessary

8. Have a positive and optimistic attitude towards the disease

Dr. Yan Zaoming/ Dr. Dai Lei

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I'm a little confused: Which herbal formula is used? and how often? what does

items 1-3 mean?

thanks for the post


Chinese medicine is usually personalized, so points 1 and 6 may be highly individual treatment. The herbal tea gives a formula for how to treat, but says such as...... this too is likely to vary from patient to patient and according to what is available.

Very interesting though that massage and acupuncture are used daily. My own experience with accupuncture was that the effects lasted 2-3 days only, but did help with flexibility.

No idea what grade II care is, but 3. seems to be telling you to eat normally!


I have a friend whose father is Chinese and is an accupuncturist. He and his wife were in town recently for a visit with my friend. He did not speak very good English, but had a lot to say on the subject, very different than Western medicine.

I would not want to follow the treatment without someone locally whom I could have direct contact with. I used an accupuncturist for my frozen shoulder along with physical therapy. It might have been effective, the surgeon told me it could be a long recovery, 6+ months, mine had drastic improvement in 3 months. I can no longer afford to even try the treatments for other PD issues,.


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