Parkinson's Movement

Poem No. 2

Poem No. 2 (I am for making this easy to track and will also confirm when I run out of creative juices)

I went to a Parkinson’s seminar not too terribly long ago.

Almost didn’t stay til I realized, these are people I need to know.

Other attendees’ conditions were more advanced than mine, it seemed to me.

Thus my first thought was “Oh, How depressing this meeting is going to be.”

But I was surrounded by people who had no doubt struggled just to attend,

Who showed strength and bravery far beyond my ability to fully comprehend.

As time passed, I no longer noticed the shakiness and the labored movement

Only the incredible attention given each expert who was there to present.

After the event, I thought- there are so many victims of this debilitating disease,

If I can lift the spirits of just one of them -that is an opportunity I will seize.

If my poems bring a smile to your face, I therefore, in the here and now,

Commit to composing as long as words flow, that is my solemn vow.

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Brings a smile to my face. :)


When I have no creative juice

and yet I'm feeling frisky,

I get creative with a drink

of wine or beer or whiskey.

(Actually not, just had to say it,

and respond in rhyme to your

poem, as my tradition demands.)


Keep em coming - it is great


fter Day Is Exhausting!

(what just happened to me previos text? Did you just bleep it? It was good) I did not hit the enter key or the submit button..........................


it put a smile on my face! ''''Thanks!


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