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Quasimodo’s lament (humorous poem)

Quasimodo’s lament (DRAFT)

I tolerate the tremor,

I tolerate the pain,

I tolerate obsessive thoughts

that echo in my brain.

I tolerate insomnia,

I tolerate fatigue.

I tolerate a yoga class

that’s way out of my league.

I tolerate the doctors,

I tolerate their pills

I tolerate their co-pays

and their unexpected bills.

I tolerate how bad I look

when posing in a Speedo

I tolerate my mood swings

and my variable libido.

I tolerate my stumbles

and I tolerate the punk

who sees me stagger down the street

and says “That guy is drunk!”

I tolerate the pity

and the unasked-for advice

and gettting help that I don’t need.

They’re trying to be nice.

I tolerate the web sites

and I post on every forum.

I tolerate it when they say

my little poems bore ‘em.

I tolerate it when my hands

turn suddenly all thumbs.

I tolerate it when my arms

won’t let me play the drums.

I tolerate it when my voice

is too low to be heard.

I tolerate repeating

the whole sentence word for word.

I tolerate the Chinese herbs

and monthly acupuncture.

(I’m willing to try anything

at this critical juncture).

I tolerate Michael J. Fox

with all his trials clinical.

I even was a guinea pig

(I’m not entirely cynical)

I tolerate my parkie pals

when they get too bummed out.

We all get scared, discouraged,

racked with sadness, loss and doubt.

In short, I tolerate a lot

of crap with this disease.

But there’s one thing I can’t stand

So now bear with me please:

My attitude is good, you see

in general I feel great!

So why do I get all hunched up

when I could stand up straight?



11 Replies

I enjoyed reading this.


Very good thanks for posting


you are a star, fantastic





Bravo! Standing Ovation. Encore please.

(any compliment synonymous with a TV channel name is purely coincidental) ;-)


Heat!! You speak for us all and thank you for that. Tony


This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it.


great poem parkie smarkie - you are brilliant xx


Thanks....loved it!


WOW ! I am impressed ! So right on ! You really should try to get that published. BRAVO !


Excellent excellent excellent....have only just read this. So enjoyed this humorous yet informative poem. I agree with the others it should be published.....continued writing


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