Everything is far to fast!

Each day I find the world getting faster and faster am I alone? While shopping for bread and a few other things, the clerk questions me if I'm zoning out! The express lanes, people pushing and I stand holding the line up putting my money away. When I finally make it to the parking lot, where did my car go?

Our children on their i- phone, i-pads total 3 in their house. Laptops a way of life, cars starting when they walk up to them. Baseball, basketball, dance and swimming going on all at once!

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  • hi do hou live in the U S OF A?

    Things are a bti slower here in the norTh west of england and people have tiem to help fi need be

    if i fall outside they r always keen to get me up - check if I am ok etc and generallhy i fin a queue say take your time!

    lol Jill


  • I don't think it matters where one lives, the pace of life is now so fast, and I notice with PD how we seem to slow down and yet time seems to whizz on.

  • We go to Lake Tahoe in the summer to relax and it is frantic up there. Each year it's worse but it's our main chance to be with grandchildren so we put up with it.

  • I don't think it matters where one lives, the pace of life is now so fast, and I notice with PD how we seem to slow down and yet time seems to whizz on.

  • It's ok. To slow down and enjoy

    Life. Type A personalities like me

    And Parkinson's have some


    Live life take time to smell

    Your coffee my advice to the new

    Generation.(specially when you pay so much at that coffee pl)


  • I know -- I live in New York City. You don't catch me in a store much. In the health food store, people might wave me ahead when they see my walker. But after paying and getting my change, everyone is impatiently waiting while I put my change in my pocket book, my purchase in the walker and the receipt. i wish cashiers would put the receipt in the bag instead of handing it to you with the change. I always have a pile of change and receipts to sort out when I get home. Then the question of the bag. I don't want more plastic bags -- I can put one item in the walker. But I get glares as i pull the item out of the bag and give back the bag. Save the earth--Smile :) It's a workout!

  • same here without the walker, NYC is fast paced enough without PD

  • where are you? and how's the pace!

  • Life was so busy with three children in the house! Retired now, and we babysit the grandchildren weekly, we set our own hours-so things are so much more manageable! We have fond memories of all the family activities-soccer, tennis, music camp, camping in Yosemite, white-water rafting, campfire cooking and star gazing at Mono Lake to name a few. Enjoy the ride!

  • Slow is my norm these days, people whiz by me in Wisconsin also, I m not allow time to think with the Parkinson, Then there are the well meaning people who I' ll call helpful Hannah's they hurry by me to "Help' which as we all know throws us off balance even more, because now I have to think about them, their next move, my path of least resistance and how I can not fall in the process.......then there is the huggers..........you poor thing I feel so for you! With out thinking I said I wish you'd stop hugging every time you see me, I may have to deck you!! YUP I was cranky and YUP I did say I was Kinda sorry............I had to find my way with out worries of the world rushing buy, I just make sure I m on my game the days I go shopping, not tired or foggy. I find the more I use my mind the foggy days further about. I NEVER DRIVE EVER WHEN I HAVE SLOW REACTIONS< My driver license is my ticket to ride!! When I'm good I can have the most amazing day, allow yourself amazing days, once you find amazing you will be good at it!! take care KADIE57

  • Even the "Norms" need energy drinks to keep up the pace. Have another RED BULLET for your gullet, that'll slow you down. The world speeds up while we slow down...

  • I understand the pressure from others behind you in line..but you know what? THEY CAN WAIT....And they can back up and give us some room to breathe. My PD is in the early stages, but my last med left me in a HUGE brain fog.. I have never liked people breathing down my neck in a line, and I won't hesitate to ask them to step back. And don't be reluctant to ask your clerk to put the receipt in the bag for you. YOU are the customer, after all. Hope you have a good day.

  • It's not your imagination! I lived in NYC almost all my life. Four years ago I decided to get off the whirligig and moved to Santa Fe. If you'd like to experience slower this is where to be. And it doesn't hurt that it is beautiful and the air is clean. I love NY it's my city but it will have to be another life for me to live there. :)

  • Freezing in doorways Is really frustrating.. getting a line of impatient people behind me saying ..you can go.. makes it even more stressful... I freeze even longer. One woman behind me in line was having a laugh imitating me. Hard to ignore

  • i have become frustrated when walking with others they and up walking ahead and leaving me or even worse is when they walk behind me making me think more about my pace than the task of shopping.i sometimes go alone to spare myself the humiliation of being so slow.

  • To be honest I grew up in an age where the recent arrival of the computer was going to make life so much better. With hindsight the only thing that seems to have got better is that bad financial results arrive quicker than they used to. It might previously have taken weeks for a company to report it's true financial performance, whereas now it's just a button-click away. And that means that finance directors are quicker to remove workers from the payroll.

    We have to get away from this nasty siituation whereby the only thing that matters is profitability. If industry could instead measure a company's performance on its ability to contribute to society it would be a whole lot better for everyone.

  • I don't do much shopping in stores but when I need to use a credit card, I often just hand it to the check out person and tell them I have Parkinson's. Would they mind helping me. They quickly swipe it and give me my receipts which I deal with later.

    I do find it hard to open heavy doors but let people help me.

    The "hugging" issue is funny because I'm only 5 ft and when people hug me I have to be careful that I get my balance before they let go.

    I could relate to most of the comments above.

  • A great book: In Praise of Slowness. It's a wide-sweeping movement this past decade, and the book really gives insight to the benefits of slowness. Slow eating; slow music; slow reading, etc. We can thank the people of the world with PD for providing others in the queue, at the dinner table or on the telephone, the opportunities to reap these benefits.

  • I agree with you.....but we were "all there at one time or another . (Especially if we had young children).

    When I visit my son and his family in Va., they're into the "taxi" mode...taking the older son to swimming practice at 6:30 a.m.; taking the second one to hockey practice at 7:30 a.m.; then the youngest goes to pre-k at 9 a.m.....and it goes on-an on--an on.

    When we visit I don't want to miss anything.....but it sure makes me "exhausted"...I just figure that "soon enough" I won't be "able" to go, so I still "try"....(I just hope when that day comes my grandchildren understand...I Love them so much, and don't get to be part of their lives very often......Families live so far apart now-a-days. :(

  • hi again

    i ha ve psp and everythign has speeded up for me not slowed down

    it drives me mad that i canno t slow myself down

    lol JIll


  • I do my grocery shopping at the supermarket in the mornings. There are far fewer people and most are elders so together we slow down the pace! The health food store where I get produce and some other things I go to around 6:30 or 7 p.m. Only a trickle of folks left and it's a breeze. I live in San Francisco and we're experience a population explosion here -- younger people who live here but work in Silicon Valley. Lines for everything are longer, traffic is heavier -- including foot traffic. I look for those pockets of time when fewer people are out and about. It's a mental health necessity.

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