Coconut Oil

Just say a program on tv that coconut oil may hold a CURE for Parkisons and Alzheimer's has anyone heard or seen this or is using it and what are you seening.

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  • I bookmarked the YouTube version 2yrs ago. I take Coconut Oil pills daily and use coconut milk for all my cooking. If it is the same video, the doctor whose husband has Alzheimer’s lives in my community.

    I decided it can’t hurt.

  • Did what they call pulling with coconut oil (its solid white in the jar, for my thriod. You keep it in your mouth and pull it through your teeth. I did cider vinager the same timeI went bright red , then the fkush went away . My skin git lousy but then looked great. t helped my gums too, So cat hurt,(i dont think so anywya. If you dgoogle oil pulling theres some good site that come up. t was a while back so cant remember names but they use it for all kinds of things (and differnt oils.Maybe it sooth my goiter (Im hyper and definately made my hair and skin softer..It may be Auyevecic in origins. Good luck!

  • I agree that coconut oil probably cannot hurt. The question of it helping us with our PD is another story altogether! If it, or any of the other myriad of so called "cures", had real value we'd all be "all over it like white on rice!!!" (or like white on coconut oil at least, lol) Meanwhile don't allow your PD fears lead you to spend the money or to build false hopes. This is also one of the fantastic things about this blog! It gives us an opportunity for bouncing this stuff off of each other! (not coconuts, though, they hurt when they get bounced off of you!)

    Steve (Bisbee, AZ)

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