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Recruitment into Clinical Trials is one of the largest challenges in developing new therapies and, ultimately, a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Yet, over 80% of clinical trials fail to recruit enough participants. You have the ability to play a pivotal role in overcoming one of the largest challenges facing PD research.

Fox Trial Finder is The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s newly launched clinical trial matching tool. Fox Trial Finder matches PD and control volunteers to clinical trials they are likely to qualify for. By inputting your location, age, and brief medical history, Fox Trial Finder suggests potential trial matches and enables you to connect securely and anonymously to the trial team for that study directly through the site.

Join us to get a sneak peek of Fox Trial Finder in a webinar in January. Please RSVP to with the session you would like to attend. Conference call and log-in details will be provided upon RSVP.

Tuesday, January 10th at 4:00PM (GMT)

Thursday, January 12th at 4:00PM (GMT)

Tuesday, January 17th at 4:00PM (GMT)

Thursday, January 19th at 4:00PM (GMT)

Fox Trial Finder launched in the US this summer and is already working for over 100 trials and 1,500 trial volunteers. The Michael J. Fox Foundation are excited to introduce this tool to the PD community in the UK.

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At first I thought that volunteering for trials would be something I would do.

My body reacts differently to some meds than most people's.

Also, I feel better now than I have in a long time…wondering if being part of a trial will “mess up” how well I am currently doing.

Any thoughts?


I need to know what the trials are in detail. If it is medication as I am on a huge amounts of medication and possible negative drug potentiation. I am not solely with PD.

I also do not desire a return to America.


Thanks for your thoughts. The vision is that Fox Trial Finder will eventually list every Parkinson's trial that is going on globally, although currently live in the US, they are hoping to launch in the UK later this year, and then move on region by region after that.

Being part of a trial is very much down to each individual although many people receive excellent care and attention through the trial process which has overall health benefits.

Fox Tral Finder is a fantastic resource for those interested in trials, and getting involved in this way - the webinars simply explain the process.

Many thanks for your interest



A reminder that those in UK who wish to know more about Fox Tail Finder can join in a webInar now. See above.


I have been on 3 trial meds. the drug companies tell you they will let you have the meds until the FDA APPROVES the meds. twice they took them away.

so you go back to start


go back again

little improvement


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