Celebrate Our Uniqueness

Although I am still new to this group, I am really fascinated by how many people, live in how many places, yet we all share something in common that makes us very special. We are members of an exclusive club that gives us unique perspective inside PD. We have strength in numbers and WE are the experts.

Therefore, take pride in our uniqueness, because we are special. Only WE hold the key, that can unlock the answers to solving the questions that have placed us here. Celebrate this perspective, since only WE can solve the questions that lay ahead!


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  • I think that People living with Parkinson's Disease have insight in things that other people take for granted. After getting diagnosed with Parkinson's we become completely different people. Our Egos are reprogrammed, our perception of the world changes and survival takes upon a new meaning.

  • We are made of steel. And, we pull together and help each other and rely on each other.

    That has been my experience with PWP.

    Although our disease doesn't make us special, it shapes us into unique and special people.

    Also, we have x-ray vision as we look at our Parky friends. We don't see the PD. We see the beauty. Only those around us, who don't have PD, see the PD.

  • I have often wondered if the change in me is because of age or PD. My daughters notice the difference.

    I find that I am not as hard on others and seem to be more sensitive to others. Wish this could have happened because of something more enjoyable. :)

    This blog has helped me better understand PD and I feel more informed and blessed.

  • I, too, have become a different person since my diagnosis of PD. I tend to spend less time with people as the stress of different situations makes my tremor worse. However, I did go for a cycle ride with my husband yesterday and really enjoyed it. Reading the positive input from others had inspired me to try to get my life back to as normal as positible. This site has taught me that I am not alone, or special, but belong to an exclusive club. I now know that others understand and are always willing to offer support. Thank you all. You give me the strength to carry on.

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