Help with walking "issues"

I seem to have developed,over the last couple of months, a "slow speed" walking problem.I can walk into town , I run regularly (am training for a marathon) but have significant difficulties walking around the house. Could it be the increase in meds ?I recently went from 20-22mg Requip XL - am not on anything else.Or could it be due to having a month off running (and exercise in general) nothing else has changed - just sometimes feel my right foot is "stuck" to the floor and/or someone has tied my shoelaces together - haven''t managed to fall over yet - but it's getting to be annoying!! Any suggestions ?

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  • Don't know for sure, but when I don't exercise for too long a time some of my symptoms begin to return.

  • Thanks - will keep up the exercise and see what happens !!

  • The same thing happens to me. I have to use a wheelchair or walker to get around. There is a special walker for Parkinson's. It's called the U-Step.

    If you'd like more information about it let me know. Blessings.

  • Can I have some more info about the U Step please? Many thanks


  • Google and there will be a lot of information about it,

    Medicare will pay for it under certain conditions. They also can put you in touch with an organization that helps Parkinson's patients,

    I really like the ustep to go out with,but it;s hard to use on pile carpet. Hope this helps!

  • Thanks for that imfo. However I live in the U,K.- no medicare!


  • I run and race walk and have a suimilar issue. Once I get moving I am able to move well (although my turn over is slower than it used to be). However, when walking slowly I have various issues.

    As for feeling as if my my feet are rooted to the floor, my PT suggested takng one step back first. This simple idea often works for me.

    I also have much more difficulty with balance moving slowly than when moving fast. As a result, I use a cane in crowds and I do balance exercises daily when standing or moving slow (from my PT). This also helps.

  • My husband and I use to like to have a dance but he would drive me crazy when he suddenly when he would suddenly for no apparent reason take a step backward . I know why now of course . When we went out to the shops , I started to find that he never wanted to stop but just keep on walking , in the end he would jsut find a seat and wait for me . He cannot manage a cane

  • I know a guy who can hardly get around he is so slow but the bizzare thing is he can ride a bike fine,thats the quirkiness of pd.

  • I can run and walk into town - but make me walk slowly or put obstacles in my way (shopping with my wife is a nightmare ) and stop/start repeatedly and everything goes haywire ! It gets me mildly annoyed sometimes but i can still laugh at myself and this ridiculous disease - so things are never that bad !!

  • I've wondered why I have such a struggle walking around the house or some other area that is narrow or has obstacles like furniture. But step out into an open area I can walk or run with relative ease

  • Another thing that I would recommend working closely with a movement disorder specialist ...

    You'll need to have them determine if it is a form of freezing, or fenstration, or just what the problem is before either they or your PT can make adequate suggestions for minimizing the problem.

    I too, walk "better" since my DBS...but I trip more and fall more often when I'm walking slowly.

    Best Wishes,

    Steve (Bisbee, AZ)

  • Steve,

    How do you find a movement disorder specialist?


  • Not in any special sequence, you might ask your current GP or neurologist for recommendation (how I found mine) , uncertain of your insurance - some health plans list providers online or in a directory of some type, you might ask people at any local PD support group or PD organization, you might post your city and state on here and see if anyone else is in your area, or check with a medical university or hospital. You even might google it.

    Hope this helps.

    Steve (Bisbee, AZ)

  • Thanks. I'll try some of your suggestions.

  • Best Wishes!

  • hi

    i have PSP amd have problems iwht falllign a lot in and out of my flat

    i tend o freeze on myleft ankle and am gettign some help 4m the physio for that

    counting 1 /2 hten starting agai nand when turnign i hav eto think fo a clock and turn

    3 then 6 oclcok in deliberate movementa

    (much worse when i am stressed)

    i am ifne when walking straitght ahead but when i have to stop or turn is when the problems start!!

    thus shooppign is a nightmare and going aroudn anywhere i tend to stagger fwds hten fall

    love jill


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