Botox for feet/toe and calf dystonia

Hi everyone I have read that a lot of you have botox treatment for dystonia.

I was told that I could not have it as I do not have dystonia all the time and it would make my legs and feet go very floppy so I would not be able to walk.

The pain, sensation and discomfort is driving me nuts. What can I do?

I am a candidate for DBS and am on the waitlist with UCLH, London for pre-op testing.

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  • Hello!

    I also have cervical dystonia and Parkinsonism!

    I have been getting Botox in both of my feet every 10 weeks and it has helped with the curling toes! I have opted not to get it this past time to see if I can control the curling with message! This probably was not a good decision! BUT!!

    It definitely does not make your legs and feet "floppy"! Give it a try if your insurance will pay for it! I am now facing $700 bill for the Botox in my neck and feet! It takes about 2 weeks for the Botox to kick in but it helps iith my cervical dystonia!

  • I have been getting Botox in my head The sweating problem is helped with shots . Worth a try,

  • I have a problem with holding my head up and leaning to one side. Do you know if it will help me with these problems? Thanks.

  • Check with your MD they only apply the Botox under the scalp to stop the sweating. Seems to work but does not control completely. Good luck

  • I found that it just weekend the muscles and causes other problems. I think that this breaker the same doctor's rule, the "first do no harm". 

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