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No spotty pajamas probably now lost forever in a mass pile of mess that somehow manages to follow me around. I'm like MrMcGoo .... oblivious to my own trail of devastation. So I am nude woooo wooooo and in my naked state I am thinking of my life stripped bare. If I focused on illness, it would probably run riot and consume me. Just because I don't focus doesn't put me in denial, and my determination doesn't make me arrogant. Nor am I naive. What I am when exposed is a woman about to hit 50 who will not succumb to this disease. I have had 49 great years, yes OK peppered with tragedy, adversity and hardship, but that's life. Speak to anyone we all have something to deal with. I want another 20 years and I accept they won't be as easy but does that make me not want the best from them hell no. The day I stop living is the day you play London's Calling by the Clash and it doesn't cause me to smile. That is never going to happen. My condition, chronic wellness, its what I plan for everyday. Everyday. C

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  • Great post and thanks! I guess we all have to learn new coping skills and there are times when I think I think too much.... Tony x

  • Ah over thinking ...... a human trait that sneaks up and gets us in a spin. I post yellow notes everywhere ..... 3 words 'KEEP IT SIMPLE' hard for a creature who once associated complexity with cool & intellect! Shows you how dumb I am X

  • Yes indeed I like the notion about "keep it simple stupid!". Tx

  • Snigger, or keep it stupidly simple!!!!

  • Even better! x

  • I like the way you think. You are clever with just enough cheek (pun intended). Good choice with The Clash. I’ll go with The Jam.

  • ah the Jam, Malvern Winter Gardens, 1981, sigh.......

  • That’s Entertainment.....

  • Thank you HH, your posts are always thoughtful and constructive.

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