Hello fellow parkies, well the weekend is finally here YAY!! It`s time to Partaaaaay!! :-) Here`s hoping everybody has a great time....oh and dont forget Sat night 8pm whatever your timezone, take a pic of yourself having a blast and post it on here, we can compare on Monday!! lol........what comes before part b?....PART A...let me hear ya say Yeeaahhhh!! lol :-D

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  • Hi Andy,

    You got to take it easy , not two nights in a row , cant wait for the dancing to start, should be a laugh , firts up shake rattel and roll, followed by the samba, a wee bit of a rumba and round of with the Gay Gordons

    take care dont get too drunk to night, as for my self iam saving it all for tommorow

    Cheers mate


  • Hi Al

    Its just gonna be a takeaway and several beers tonight me thinks....love your train of thought tho mate......Enjoy!



    p.s. join me on facebook? I`m on as Andy Clegg I`m in Sheffield and my profile pic is same as on here

  • I came off face book a few week ago , but i will reactivate it and ad you



  • ok andy and all you party people i found out how to put a picture up hope everyone has a good day looking forword to talking to all of you party on bob

  • Party on dudes :-)

  • It's 8 o'clock somewhere - it must be the UK !

    Cheers !

  • CHEERS ! :-)

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